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Potassium is very important nutrient for plant growth, because : 


Root nodules of leguminose plant contains colour pigment responsible for nitrogen fixation which is called as _________ .


Which of the following elements is component of Vitamin B12 molecule ? 


Infectious hepatitis is usually transmitted by fecal-oral contamination of food, drink or shellfish that live in contaminated water and contain the virus in their digestive system. Name the causative agent of this disease from the following.


Which of the statements given below is/are correct ?

(a) Fungi are responsible for deterioration of petrol.

(b) Microorganisms can deteriorate metals.

(c) Bacteria and Fungi are agents for deterioration of plastic.

(d) Bacteria are unable to deteriorate cosmetics.


A statement is given below followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed to be or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is/are implicit (indirectly suggested) in the statement.


Persons M, T, J, R, D, W and Q are travelling by cars A, B and C. At least two persons are occupying each car. Among them three are women and there is one woman in each car. Person T wants to travel only with Q and they are travelling in car B. Person M is travelling in car A. Persons D and W are not travelling in car C. J is not a woman and W is a woman. Then by which car person J is travelling ?


In accompanied diagram distance between any adjacent dots horizontally and vertically is 1 unit. According to Pick's theorem if B is the number of dots on the boundry of the polygon and I is the number of dots in the interior of the polygon, then area of the polygon is given by .Select the area in square units of the polygon from given options.

If you are sure about the formula.


Study accompanied road map and select the option that indicates all possible routes from X to Y without touching a point twice.


Given below are some words decoded from artificial language. chikerkurrip means birdhouse; phyckurrip means bluebird and phycbrell means bluebell. Select the code for houseguest in this artificial language.


Select odd set of arrows from accompanied sets.


What letter comes second to the left of letter that is immediately to the right of letter that comes four to the letter that comes midway between the letter third to the left of letter E and the letter two to the right of letter H, with respect to following sequence ?



Surfaces of the cube are coloured with six different colours as shown in following figures. Select the colour of the surface that is definitely opposite to blue coloured surface.


A devotee had some amount with her. She visited four temples on her way. As soon she steps inside each temple whatever amounts that is with her gets doubled and she offers
₹ 100 in each temple. When she returns from the fourth temple no money is left with her. Select the option that indicates the initial amount that devotee had with her.


Yesterday, Aisha and her husband, had invited, two couples with different sex, their neighbours, for Iftar party. They all sat in a circle and food is placed in the centre. Aisha gave you following facts.

Dany sat to the left of the woman who sat to the left of a man who sat to the left of Anu.

Esha sat to the left of the man who sat to the left of the woman who sat to the left of the man who sat to the left of the woman who sat to the left of my husband. Dinu sat to the left of woman who sat to the left of Raja.

I did not sit beside my husband.

Select the name of my husband from options.


If the transparent paper sheet X with figure on it is folded to get fold with figures as shown, how would it look like when it is unfolded completely ?



Shree Sarvapriya observes fast on the particular day in a week and speaks truth only on that day. On all other days he speaks always lies. He made following statements on three successive days :

Day 1: “I lie on Monday and Tuesday.”

Day 2: “Today is Thursday, Sunday or Saturday."

Day 3: "I lie on Wednesday and Friday."

Select the day on which Shree Sarvapriya speaks truth only. 


Select image/s that can be composed by folding accompanying paper sheet :


If today is Monday, August 1st and 1st day of Shravan then which day and month will come on 29th day from tomorrow ?


A river flows from north to south. On the way it turns left and go in semicircle round hillock and then it turns left at right angle and continues to flow. In what direction the river is flowing at this point ?

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