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Consider the following statements about Sundarban.

(a) It is spread across India and Bangladesh.

(b) 60% of its area lies in India.

(c) 24 Parganas (South) Forest Division is part of Sundarban.

Which of the above statements are true ? Choose the correct option from the following options.


Which books are written by R.C. Dhere ?

(a) Chakrapani

(b) Trividha

(c) Lajja Gouri

(d) Vichitra

Answer options : 


Consider the statements about ‘Missile Technology Control Regime' (MTCR) group.
(a) India became the member of the group in June 2016.
(b) 35 countries are members of this group.
(C) It is the first time that India has been included in such an International level export controlling group.
(d) The prime aim of the group is to control the spread of missiles and pilotless aeroplane technology.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


ISRO stands for :


Select the correct statements :

(a) The headquarters of European Union are at Brussels.

(b) Britain joined the European Union in 1970.

(c) Court of Justice and European Commission are sub-institutions of EU.

Answer options :


Consider the statements about late 'Ramchandra Chintaman Dhere'.

(a) He studied the folk literature, ancient literature.

(b) He passed the 'Sahitya Visharath' and 'Rashtrabhasha Pravin' examinations.

(c) Received 'Sahitya Academy Puraskar'. 

(d) Died before publication of his last book 'Shree Nrusinha - Uday and Vikas'.

Which of the above statements are correct? 


Who is the first woman Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir ?


Haryana's internationally famous district Gurgaon is currently known as __________ .


Match the 'Shivchhatrapati Awards' of 2012 - 13, declared on 21/10/2015, and recipients : 


Select the correct statement/ statements :

(a) 207 teams participated in Rio Olympics.

(b) During the inauguration ceremony of Rio Olympics the issue of climate change was discussed.

(c) 31st Olympic games organised in Brazil.

Answer options :


Match the 'Oscar winner films and their categories in 88th Academy Awards : 


In July 2016 who among the following resigned from Rajyasabha membership?


Who was the Chief Justice of Kolkata High Court from 2014 to 2016 ?


Which of the following statement is not correct about 'Tejas'?


Which books are written by Alvin Toffler ?
(a) Future Shock
(b) Power Shift
(c) Third Wave
(d) Future World
Answer options :


What is the maximum number of members in a State Legislative Assembly fixed by the Indian Constitution ?


Match the following pairs regarding Fundamental Rights of foreigners and articles in the Constitution :


Match the pairs - (Legislative Council) :


According to 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, the minimum age for contesting the Panchayat Raj Elections is :


What are the sources of income of the Gram-Panchayat ?

(a) Main income sources of the Gram Panchayat are House Tax, Water Tax and Tax on Pilgrimages.
(b) It receives 30% share in the land revenue collected from the village.

(c) It receives grant from state Government for the implementation of various schemes.

Select correct option:

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