STI Main 2012- Paper 1


Which of the following sentences has been written in the future perfect tense ?


 The word immigrant means :


Send your good wishes to all your friends. 

Choose the correct alternative for changing the voice. 


You shall have a holiday tomorrow.

The modal expresses.


If wishes ________ horses, beggars __________ them.

Complete the sentence choosing the correct alternative to show imaginary condition.


The man with a smiling face is our leader.   

Which is the correct conversion of the above sentence into the compound one ? 


Identify the sentence in which ‘right is used as an adverb.


Which of the following sentences is correct ? 

(a) I left playing 

(b) Let go the horse's reins.


I had to shout in the mouth piece so that she could hear me. 

Identify the underlined clause.


If we started now we would be in time. 

The subjunctive in the sentence expresses.


The knowledge of the nuclear power might lead to annihilation of the human race.

The meaning of the underlined word is :


I have read many novels.
The underlined word in the above sentence functions as


Choose the correct synonym of 'Omnipotenť.


Read the sentence carefully to find out if there is any grammatical error in it. If there is
any error it will be only in one part of the sentence. The alphabet of that part is your answer.
(Ignore punctuation errors) We will discuss about that matter later / No error. 


Which of the following sentences is correct ?

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions.
         It is said with truth that the function of a University is to prepare the youth to take their place in human society. It must provide its members with the knowledge and skill necessary to make them efficient citizens. But is the whole duty of man exhausted by the acquisition of knowledge and professional training? Is a university only an institution for higher learning, a factory which churns out clerks and technicians able to run the machinery of the state ? Mere knowledge which gratifies curiosity is different from culture which refines personality. Culture is not remembering a mass of serious details about the dates of birth of the great heroes of the world or the interesting names of the fastest ships which cross the Atlantic or entertaining odds and ends gathered from the latest who's who. A well-known institution of this country has for its motto Sa Vidya Ya Vimuchyate : that is knowledge which is designed for salvation, for the development of the soul, is the best. Such an idea is not merely an Indian idiosyncrasy. Plato said long ago that the culture of soul is "the first and fairest thing that the best of men can ever have.” According to Goethe, the object of education is to form tastes and not simply to communicate knowledge. A man's culture is not to be judged by the amount of tabulated information which he has at his command, but by the quality of mind which he brings to bear on the facts of life. Education is not cramming the mind with a host of technical details, putting sight, as it were, into blind eyes. The eye of the soul is never blind, only its gaze may be turned to the false and fleeting. Too often the vision may be dragged downwards by the "leaden weights" of pride and prejudice, of passion and desire. The function of the teacher is not to add to the 'leaden weights' but remove them and liberate the soul from the encumbrance so that it may follow its native impulse to soar upwards.

सविस्तर वाचा...


What is the true function of education according to the ancient Indian philosophers ?


What is meant by 'leaden weights' ?


What is the objective of education according to Goethe ?


The function of a university is :


According to the passage, the function of the teacher is :

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