PSI Pre 2017

PSI Pre 2017 Questions And Answers:

आपल्या मित्रांना पाठवा :

The ferns are classified in _______.


2 - 4, D is used to control _______.


Which is the Recombinant vaccine produced and marketed by Serum Institute of India ?


During world war I around one million people were infected by a disease called 'Trench fever'. This disease is caused by which of the following agent ?


Bile is formed in the ______.


In the first row numbers/symbols and in the second row, their letter codes are given :

Below,a number/symbol group is given and some conditions are also given.Under these conditions, select the correct option of the letter code of given number/symbol group.

Conditions :

(i) If the first character of the group is symbol, and last character is number, then
interchange their codes.

(ii) If the first character of the group is number and the last character is symbol, then
code both, by the code of number.

(iii) If first and last characters both are even numbers, then code both as 'X'.

(iv) If first and last characters, both are odd numbers, then CUde both as 'Y'.

Nember/ Symbol group : $ 1 8 9 6  


Which one of the following number will occupy the blank space ?


Select correct alternative in blank space, in the given number series :

4, 9, 17, 35,____,139.


The numbers in each circle are according to some rule. Select correct alternative in place of question mark.


In the following number series, which number will come in place of question mark ?

65,126, 217,344, ?


if 'x' starils for '_', '÷' stands for '+', '+' stands for '÷' and '-' stands for 'x' then, which one of the following equations is correct? 


20 The numbers in the figures are according to some rule. Find the number in place of question mark from given alternatives.


Find the missing number in the following series :

24, 6, 48, 12, 96, 24,  ?


Two rows of numbers are given. Answer the question by calculating the value of each row, on the basis of the following rules.The calculations of numbers are to be made from left to right.

Rules :

(i) If after a two-digit even number, there is one more even number, then divide firist by second

(ii) If after an even number there is a prime number, then multiply rhem.

(iii) If after an odd number, there is one more odd number, then add them. 

(iv) If after a three-digit number, there is a two-digit square whole number, then subtract Second number from the first number.

(v) If after a three-digit number, there is a two-digit number, which is not square whole number, then divide first number by the second.

125  64  33

282   X  39

If the value of the first row is 'X', what is the value of second row ?


The symbols @, ,#,$ and ★are used as follows:

PQ means,P, is not less than Q.

P★Q means,P, is not greater than Q and not less than Q.

P@Q means,P, is not greater than Q and not equal to Q.

P$Q means,P, is not greater than Q

P#Q means,P, is not less than Q and not equal to Q.

On the basis of this three statements and three conclusions, derived from them,are given. Select correct option about the conclusions

Statements -   H ★ M ; M @ T ; T $ K

Conclusions - (I) - K # M

                      (II) - T # H

                      (III) - H @ K


The given equation becomes correct due to the interchange of two signs; in the given equation. Find the correct alternative of signs, by interchanging of which, the equation will be correct.

2x3+6-12÷4= 17


There are four letter series, following different rules :

(a) azy, byx, cxw, dwv, ____

(b) zxa, ywb, xvc, wud,____

(c) acz, bdy, cex,dfw, ____

(d) ayb, bxc, cwd, dve, ____

One term is given below. Find out the series, to which it belongs.

Term - mmn


Which number will replace the question mark in the following number series?

17, 30, 47, ?  , 93


स्वतंत्र भारतातील पहिले भारतीय गव्हर्नर जनरल कोण होते ?


निश्चलीकरणानंतर जनतेचे आयुष्य सुखकर होण्याचे उपाय सुचविण्यासाठी केंद्र सरकारने पाच राज्यांच्या मुख्यमंत्र्यांची समिती गठीत करण्याचे ठरविले. या समितीचे प्रमुख कोणाला केले गेले ?

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PSI Pre 2017 Question And Answers

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