PSI Pre 2017

PSI Pre 2017 Questions And Answers:

आपल्या मित्रांना पाठवा :

In India deficit financing involves :

(a) Central government borrowing from the RBI.

(b) RBI running down of accumulated cash balances against the issue of treasury bills.

(c) Creation of Money


Budget for 2013-14 had the following : 


The Current Daily Status (CDS) Unemployment rate was 6.6 per cent in 2009-10. Which of the following statements regarding CDS concept is correct?

(a) It considers the activity status of a person for each day of the preceding 30 days.

(b) It indicates chronic unemployment.

(c) It is a person rate.

(d) A person who works for one hour but less than four hours is considered having worked for half a day.


Which country occupied first psition in India's imports (11.1 per cent) in 2012-13 ?


In the Ninth five year plan high rate of growth registered by the service sector was due to _______ .


The need for deficit financing in India arises out of:

(a) failure of the government to mobilise the desired volume of surplus for public sector plans.

(b) its rapidly growing expenditures on unproductive non-developmental activities.

Which of the above is correct?


 Trade balance of India was positive in only two years during entire period 1949-50 to 2012-13 that are ______ .


In the post reform period, the ratio of indirect taxes revenue to total tax revenue :


The committee on banking sector reforms chaired by M. Narasimham submitted its report in April 1998. Which of the following was not a recommendation of the committee on banking sector reforms, 1998, to strengthen the banking system?

(a) Setting up new and higher norms for capital adequacy.

(b) Recapitalisation of banks from the government budget.

(c) Average level of net NPAs for all bariks should be reduced to below 5 per cent by the year 2000 and to help 3 per cent by 2002.

(d) Interest subsidy element in credit for the priority sector should be totally eliminated.


In connection with the money supply consider the following statements :

(a) Reserve Bank presently provides estimates of the supply of money in terms of M1 Concepts of money supply.

(b) M1 represents the highest degree of liquidity and M2, M3, M4, follow it in descending order in terms of liquidity.

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct ?


A person cannot see objects clearly beyond 2.0 m The power of lens required to correct his vision will be:


Two atoms are called Isobars if ______ .


From metals electrical conductivity increases in the order of:


The pollutant that caused Minamata disease is ________ .


The liquid state of H2O and the gaseous states of H2S, H2 Se and H2, Te at room temperature are due to:


1A of electric current is passed through each 1M NaCl, 1M KCI and 1M RbCI solutions separately for 1s. The correct relationship for the number of mol(nm) of the metals deposited is _______.


In superorder Teleosti ______ animals are commonly called as 'Flying Fishes'.


Which of the following is correct sequence of events during spermatogenesis?


Members of ______ class of Annelida are hermaphrodite animals.


Endosulfan is an example of _______.

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PSI Pre 2017 Question And Answers

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