PSI Pre 2017

PSI Pre 2017 Questions And Answers:

आपल्या मित्रांना पाठवा :

The height of the Raireshwar peak is______ meter. 


What is the difference of the local time between Saurashtra and Arunachal Pradesh ?


Geographical area of Maharashtra State is ______sq. km and occupied_______% area of India,


_______ in South Bihar has emerged as a major centre of cement, paper and paper board and plywood.


Where the Chilka Lake is situated ?


Match the following:


Which of the following hydel power station/stations is/are in Raigad district ?

(a) Vaitarna

(b) Yeldari 

(c) Bhira

(d) Bhivpuri 


Observe the following statements :

(a) Narsobawadi is near the confluence of river Panchganga and Krishna.

(b) The river basins of the river Krishna and Bhima are separated due to Mahadeo dongar.

(C) The combine flow of the river Wardha and Vainganga is called 'Pranhita'.


______ pass lies between Central and South Sahyadri.


Match the following:


The first modern textile mill was established at Mumbai in 1854 by _______ .


_______ tribes live in the hills along the northern and eastern edges of the Deccan Plateau.


In Eastern Himalaya crops like jowar and bajra are rarely observed, because _______ .


Which of the following feature/features of tropical evergreen forest is/are correct?

(a) Very dense forest

(b) Trees shed their leaves annually 

(c) Timber is hard and durable

(d) Lack of pure stands 


In Western districts of Rajasthan namely, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner _______ minerals are found.


India's landscape is just 2.4 per cent of the total world area, whereas its population is nearly 16.85 per cent of the world population. Population has rapidly increased due to steady decline in the death rate, while birth rate has not declined significantly. Which one economic and one social factor are responsible for continue to favour high fertility ?

(a) Slow urbanisation process 

(b) Lack of education

(c) Control of epidemics 

(d) Decline in the incidence of malaria 


Which of the following is not an instrument of fiscal policy ?


Which Finance Commission recommended single rate of 5 percent for central GST and 7 percent for state GST?


_______ were most important export iters in 1990-91 in India.


Which of the following observation/s is/ are not correct for the Budget 2013-14 ? 

(a) In 2013-14 there has been a significant reduction in plan expenditure over the budgeted levels.

(b) The thrust of the budget was on higher investment and inclusive development agenda.

(c) Fiscal deficit was estimated to be 2.5% of the GDP

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PSI Pre 2017 Question And Answers

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