STI Pre - 2015


In which class does a Salamander fall ?


What radiation is used to prevent sprouting of vegetables like potatoes and onions ?


Which of the following bacteria can grow in airtight sealed food containers ?


What drug is used for the management and treatment of HIV infection ?


Select the logical number for replacing the question mark in the following arrangement : 


Amol can run a kilometer distance in 41/2 minutes while Bittu can run the same distance in 5 minutes. If they expect to reach some place at one kilometer distance at the same time then how much ahead should one start ?


Find the number of triangles in the given figure.


Select a logical image for the 2nd place of the series. 


Study the following information and answer the question : 

(a) P=Q means P is father of Q.

(b) P+Q means P is mother of Q.

(c) P @Q means P is husband of Q.

(d) P-Q means P is daughter of Q.

Person  A says to person B that "my mother in law is mother of your mother in law". Then find the relation of B to A by selecting proper alternatives given below :


Study the pattern and select an option to replace the question mark.  


A's age is three times B's age. Four years back C's age was two times A's age at that time. After four years 'A' will be 31 years old. How old are 'B' and 'C' today?


Fill in the blank with the appropriate option : 


Select the similar pair of Ven diagrams : 

         (a)                         (b)              (c)              (d)                        (e)

Answer Options :


Select the correct conclusion/s with respect to the statement considering only direct relationship
Satement : "Rani's grand-father's son can be grand-father of Rani's son".
Conclusions : 

(a) Statement is true only if Rani is a daughter of that grand-father's son.

(b) Statement is false even if Rani is daughter of that grand-father's son.

(c) Statement is true even if that grand-father's son is Rani's paternal uncle. 

(d) Statement is true even if that grand-father's son is Rani's maternal uncle.

Answer options


In a certain code lanugage if 'Super' is coded as HFKV1, then Market will be coded as :


Decode 'ran' using the following data :

(a) 'I can rest here is represented as 'qua ta pol ran'.

(b) 'I can sit there' is represented as 'pol ran sak no'.

Select the appropriate option with respect to the above process. 


How many numbers are there between 200 and 400 in which 4 comes only once ?


Select an option that indicates the number of instances during the day, when the hands of a watch are exactly in opposite direction with respect to each other.


The city needs to scale up its public transport, clean up the congestion around stations and improve the last inile connectivity to the stations. limposing a congestion tax and making parking more expensive should help dampen the city's car addiction. Slashing diesel subsidies or higher taxes on diesel vehicles could help. The government should stringent action to reduce emissions on high pollution days. Select the aspect/s that help/s reduction of pollution from the list given below.

(a) he winter eases and there is no problem of fog nobody talks ol pollution.

(b) T h as not been a single conviction under comprehensive clean air law that
recomands a minimum punishment of 18 months for an offender.

(c)  Sucessive governments have shied away from cutting subsidies that end up benefiting 

(d) Using masks and air purifiers.

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