STI Main 2014- Paper 2


74th Constitutional Amendment Act is enacted with a view to

a. constitute a District Planning Committee.

b. constitute Gram Panchayats.

c. constitute State Finance Commission. 

Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?


In connection with functions of the Indian Planning Commission, consider the following :

a. To formulate a plan for the most effective and balanced utilization of country's resources.
b. To make assessment of material, capital and human resources of the country. 

c. To guide the central government.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


From amongst the following who are eligible for assistance under the Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana ? 


What was the targeted GDP growth rate of the 10th Five Year Plan ?


What percentage of the population was below the poverty line according to the Tendulkar Committee poverty line in 2009 – 10?


Which of the following has the major contribution in power generation in public sector? 

a. Hydro-electric power

b. Thermal power 

c. Atomic energy

d. Wind energy


As per the Economic Survey of India 2010-11, Railway computerised passenger reservation system is available at _________ locations.


A sub-committee on ‘more crop and income per drop of water was constituted by the Ministry of Water Resources under the chairmanship of ____________ .


Which of the following two statements is correct? 

a. National Sample Survey Organisation was set up in 1950 and reorganised in 1970.

b. Summary of the results of the surveys undertaken are published in Sarvekshana - annual technical journal of the NSSO.


With what purpose, did the Government of India made amendments in the National High-way Act in 1995 ? 

a. To attract the private sector in the developinent of roads.

b. To increase share of public sector in the development of roads.

c. To hand over the responsibility of the development of roads to the State Government. 

d. All the above


The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, [MRTP Act) 1969 was replaced by


Consider the following three statements. Which of these is/are correct? 

a. Indias GDP growth has come down from 8.4% in 2009 – 10 to 6.9% in 2011-12, and 6-5% as per raised estimates. 

b. The secondary reason for moderation in GDP growth is weakening of industrial
growth in 2011 - 12.   

c. The effect of retrenchment in overseas demand on Indias exports is the prime reason.


Which were the top five countries of India's export one after the other during of 2010-11 to 2011 - 12?


Which one of the following statements is incorrect? 

Relative to the targets set in the first ten Five Year Plans, the growth performance of the Indian economy in terms of GDP

a. was the poorest in the Third Five Year Plan.

b. was the best in the 'Tenth Five Year Plan. 


Which one of the following two statements is correct?
a. Sayajirao Gaikwad gave scholarship to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for his higher education and sent him to England and USA. 

b. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar called a conference for Dalits in 1918 - as Asprushya Nivaran Parishad - wherein Sayajirao Gaikwad was the President.


Which countries took lead in establishing the W.T.O. ? 


a. Targeted PDS was introduced in 1997.
b. Targeted PDS covers all States and Union Territories. 


a. Indian Rupee was devalued 18 per cent in July 1991.   

b. Devaluation helps correcting trade deficit.


Which of the following contracts is not a part of the contract of W.T.O.?


a. The first Ministerial Conference of the WTO was held in Singapore.   

b. WTO was set up as a result of the "Bretton Woods" conference.

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