STI Main 2011- Paper I


What a terrible fire this is

Choose the right punctuation at the end of the sentence ____


The police caught the thief red-handed.

Choose the alternative indicating meaning of the underlined word.


Choose the reported speech alternative :

Meena said, “How clever I am!" 


Choose the right alternative :

What ________  would you give to new generation ? 


Choose the option indicating the meaning of the idiom :

The boss in my office does not know what happens under his nose.


Convert into simple sentence:

The convict said that he was innocent. 


Use positive degree :

She is richer than me.


Choose the affirmative of the following:

Nobody was absent.


Choose the option of complex sentence of the following:

She worked hard to get the promotion.


Choose the alternative of simple sentence:

He wept since he was punished. 


Choose the correct article from the following to fill in the blank:

His sister is _________ M.A. in History.


Choose the alternative of compound sentence :

When he saw the tiger, he paused.


Choose the alternative using 'no sooner than':

As soon as he entered, he removed his blazer.


Choose the right alternative :

There should not be a prejudice___________ any community.


Choose the alternative indicating the meaning of the underlined word:

There is a dearth of research in pure sciences.


Convert into reported speech :

The teacher said, “I am very busy now.” 


Choose the right preposition :

She is indifferent ___________what people talk.

Read the passage and answer 168 to 173 :
India's Poverty Index / India Shining ?

India's poverty index presents a dismal picture, as its poverty figures hover around 42 per cent in the year 2005. This raises a serious question about India's rhetoric of 'inclusive growth' or 'reforms with a human face'. The graphic depict India's comparative position with that of the other countries fighting this social malady, spanning a period between 1980 and 2005. One cannot but laud the success achieved by China, which began at 84% in the year 1980, but has its poverty figures at 14% in the year 2005. The same is the case with other developing countries, which successfully fought the shameful figure of 60% to reduce poverty to 15% in 2005. India can draw solace from the fact that sub-sahran countries have done worse than her. One must ask who is responsible for this pathetic state of affairs ? What is shining ? India or its poverty ?

सविस्तर वाचा...


The word 'dismal' means


Poverty is a noun, the adjective of the same is


The main theme of the passage is

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