राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ GS-1


The village density of Maharashtra is 14 per 100 sq.km. Classify the states having a density of villages more than and less than Maharashtra from the following:

(a) Punjab

(b) Manipur

(c) Rajasthan

(d) West Bengal

(e) Gujarat

(f) Assam

(g) Odisha
(h) Sikkim

Answer options : 


Deposits of coal are known to occur in _______ river valley.


The major problems due to migration in Mumbai :

(a) Very high density of population

(b) Housing problem

(c) Degrading slums
(d) Traffic congestion

Answer options :


Match the following famous Masjids in Mumbai with the area they are located in:


Major reasons of the increase in the level of sea-water is

(a) Tsunami waves
(b) Global warming

(c) Aquatic animals
(d) Green House effect

Answer options :


(a) Though the highest point on the earths surface is 8848 m, the average continental height is 875 m.

(b) Though the lowest point on the earths surface is 11350 m, below mean sea level, the average ocean depth is 3729 m below sea level.

Answer options :


Which of the following statement/statements is/are correct?

(a) When the speed of the wind reduced, sand gets deposited, this feature is known as sand dunes.

(b) It is necessary that wind blows in one direction for the formation of sand dunes. Answer options :


Which of the following are Geomorphic factors causing floods ?

(a) Heavy rainfall
(b) Cloud bursts

(c) Tropical cyclone
(d) Deforestation

(e) Large catchment area
(f) Inadequate drainage

Answer options :


Which of the following is incorrect statement ?

(a) Kolhapur - Small scale engineering units

(b) Ballarpur - Paper manufacturing unit

(c) Sholapur - Power loom and handloom industry

(d) Ichalkaranji - Chemical industry

Answer options :


Which of the following glacier/s is/are not a part of the Kanchanjunga - Everest region ?

(a) Zemu
(b) Khumbu

(c) Kangshung

(d) Tolam Bau

(e) Gasher brum

Answer options :


Which of the following landform is not related to the limestone region ?


Negative impacts of urbanisation are :

(a) Lack of amenities
(b) Emergence of slum area

(c) Environmental problems

(d) Growth of population

Answer options :


Which of the following are not factors affecting the peace of the Indian Ocean ?

(a) A large number of bordering countries of the Indian Ocean are small and economically weak.

(b) Politically strained relations between neighbouring countries.

(c) Growing interference of China and Japan.

(d) Growing terrorism in Muslim countries.

Answer options :


Amongst the climatic factors ________ plays a decisive role in the landscape development of the Maharashtra. 


A town known for the growth of health sector which led to the establishment of industrial unit producing medical equipments and steel furniture :


Which of the following measures need to be applied for soil conservation ?

(a) Vegetative cover and protective afforestation

(b) Terracing

(c) Prohibition of shifting cultivation,

(d) Crop rotation

Answer options :


(a) Endogenetic forces evolve from the earths interior and are responsible for the evolution of the relief through events like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc.

(b) Exogenetic forces evolve as a result of external sources (e.g. sun) and are responsible for destruction of relief through agents like rivers, winds etc.

Answer options :


Which of the following are the Important evidences of the continental drift ?

(a) Geographical Evidences
(b) Climatic Evidences

(c) Fossil Evidences 
(d) Thermal Force

Answer options :


What are the topography created due to stream erosion ?

(a) Pot holes
(b) Rapids

(c) Waterfall
(d) Hills

Answer options :


(a) of the total area of Maharashtra, Minerals are found only in 22% and that too in two main regions only.
(b) These regions include Gadhchiroli, Bhandara, Chandrapur and Gondia in Eastern Vidarbha and Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, Raigad and Kolhapur in Konkan and Southern Maharashtra. 

Answer options :

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