राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ GS-1


(a) The Koyna hydroeletric project has been built on the Koyna river which is a tributary of the Krishna river, the backwaters of the dam are called as 'Shiv Sagar'.

(b) The east flowing waters of the Koyna river have been diverted westwards and a power generation plant has been built up at Pophali in Chiplun Taluka.

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Which of the following Religious/Cultural tourist places are not located in Pune district ?

(a) Mahadji Shinde Chattri

(b) Chatushrungi

(c) Talyatla Ganapati
(d) Shaniwar wada

(e) Kasba Ganapati

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A drainage system which is in no way related to the geological structure of the region where it occurs is called :


 Which region has major bauxite deposits in Maharashtra ?

(a) Sindhudurga - Ratnagiri

(b) Nagpur - Bhandara

(c) Kolhapur - Thane
(d) Gondia - Gadchiroli

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Which of the following sentence/ sentences is/are true ?

(a) The rural and urban population share of Maharashtra is 55 and 45 percent respectively.

(b) The decaded growth for 2001-2011 though being about 16%, it is seen to be more than twice in the urban areas than the rural areas.

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Match the followings:


Which of the followings is/are True or False ? 

(a) The statewise kilometerage of National Highways in Maharashtra is more than Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. 

(b) The statewise kilometerage of National Highways in Maharashtra is less than Gujarat and Karnataka. 

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Rank the following districts as per their per capita consumption of household electricity in descending order :

(a) Nagpur dist.
(b) Ahmednagar dist.

(c) Wardha dist.
(d) Pune dist.

(e) Thane dist.

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The ______ ghats are very useful to go to Malwan, Vengurla and Goa.

(a) Fonda and Amboli
(b) Thalghat and Borghat

(c) Amba Ghat
(d) Ambenali

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Tombolo and beaches are associated with the action of ________ .


Complex process of transfer of energy from multiple sources in food chain is called ______.


Which of the following wind is known as "Snow eater" ? 


Impact of Greenhouse effect :

(a) Human society and agriculture

(b) Decline in precipitation

(c) Increase in the level of acidity in the ocean

(d) Rise in sea level

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The Monsoon enters India in two main branches _________ .


Which of the following layer of the atmosphere reflect sound waves ?


Who coined the term 'Ecosystem' in 1935 ?


Which type of rainfall appear in Western Ghat of India ?


In troposphere temperature decreases at the rate 6.4°C per ________ metres.


On both the sides of equatorial trough of low pressure lies, extending roughly from 5 to 30° of latitude is known as ________ .


Which of the following is not a form of condensation ?

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