राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ GS-1


What was the aim of 'Indian League' organization established by Babu Shishir Ghosh in 1875 ?

(a) To give political Education to people.

(b) To develop the notion of nationalism among people.

(c) To protect the interests of the landlords.

(d) To procure justice and right for the people.

Answer options :


Read the statements and choose the right option.

Statement (A): Democratic Practices took roots in the institutional life in Bombay

Statement (B) : When Mr. Mohammad Makba retired in 1852 as a member of the Bombay Board of Education, Dr. Bhau Daji was elected to that post.

Answer options:


In 1946, the Dalit Satyagrahis carried out protest marches against the Poona Pact. The first batch of women Satyagrahis included:


 The National Indian Association was founded by ________.


Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade was not only a social reformer but was also ______ .

(a) Historian

(b) Economist

(c) Educationist

(d) Poet

Answer options :


By 1839 there were different newspapers/journals published from different places in India. Match the following places and the number of newspapers/journals published from there.


Match the following.


The assessment method for taxation on land that was introduced by Elphinstone incorporated elements which were correlated with ________.


Which of the following points show the impact of the British rule on Indian Economic life?

(a) Commercialization of Agriculture

(b) Land became a saleable commodity

(c) Scarcity of cash crops
(d) Change in the revenue system

Answer options :


Who is described in the following lines ?

(a) He had completed his education from Al-Azar University at Cairo.

(b) At the age of twenty-four he started the newspaper Al-Hilal.

Answer options :


After 1980 Punjab suffered from great unrest and tension because :

(a) Demand of Khalistan

(b) Ravi and Beas water crisis with Rajasthan

(c) Demand of Chandigad for Punjab 

(d) Demand of higher positions for Akalis in Central Government

Answer options : 


What is true about Annabhau Sathe ?

(a) He formed 'Lal Bawta Kala Pathak'.

(b) He transformed traditional 'Tamasha' into modern folk drama.

(c) In the novel Fakira he provided mixture of real, ideal and fantacy.

(d) 'Maza America Prawas' is a travelogue written by him.

Answer options :


Which of the following books was not written by Prabodhankar Thackeray ? 


What is not true from the following about the Home Rule Movement ?


Who is described in the following sentences ?

(a) He established People's War Groups in 1980.

(b) He also established Guerrilla Squads.

(c) The Guerrilla Squads were also known as Dalmas.

Answer options :


He was Lahuji's pupil.

Lahuji was proud of him.

He learnt 'Mallavidya', use of sword, 'Dandpatta', use of gun etc., from Lahuji.

He was interested in Social reforms.

who was he ?


On 19 December 1978 ________ used its majority to expel Indira Gandhi from the Parliament and sent her to Jail for a week.


Who among the following persons taught Mathematics in Fergusson College ?

(a) B.G. Tilak

(b) G.K. Gokhale

(c) D.K. Karve

Answer options :


Match the pairs : 


Which language is mentioned in the following sentences ?

This language is a special case.

It is the largest minority tongue in India.

Its speakers are found in U.P., Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

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