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Consider the following statements : 

(a) The proportion of population below 6 years of age has declined from 15.9% in 2001 to 12.1% in 2011 in India.

(b) As per 2011 census the proportion of population below 6 years of age declined in all the states of India except the state Jammu and Kashmir. 

Which of the above statements is/ are true ?


Which of the following towns fall on the Solapur-Dhule Highway ? 

(a) Tuljapur 

(b) Latur 

(c) Beed 

(d) Osmanabad 

(e) Chalisgao 

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Observe the following statements : 

(a) Mumbai received more than 900 m.m. ramfall on 26th July 2005.

(b) The rainfall increases from east to west in Mawal region.

(c) The South Konkan receives more rainfall than North Konkan. 

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Consider the following statements : 

(a) Uttar Pradesh has the highest percentage of Road length in India at 12.78% followed by Maharashtra and Rajasthan respectively. 

(b) The length of surfaced roads per 100 sq. km is the highest in the state of Goa (203.54) followed by Kerala and Punjab respectively. 

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Which of the following factors are responsible for the development of fishing in Konkan ?

(a) Straight cuast line

(b) Wide Continental shelf 

(c) Co-operative societies

(d) Government support 

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Observe the following statements : 

(a) The saline soil found in Western Rajasthan is known as Reh or Kallar.

(b) Bhangar soil is formed of alluvial deposits near river, 

(c) Khaddar soil is found at the foot of Himalayas. 

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Which of the following National Highways connects Panvel with Goa ?


As per the 2011 census observe the following statements :

(a) Bihar, West Bengal and Kerala States have crossed the population density of 1000 individuals per sq. km.

(b) Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Sikkim states have population density of less than 100 individuals per sq. km.

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Consider the following statements :

(a) in terms of the percentage of people those speaking Marathi, Hindi and urdu stand first, second and third in Maharashtra.

(b) Moreover the percentage of people speaking Gujrati, Telugu, Kannada and Sindhi together is less than the percentage of people speaking Urdu.

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What is an Amygdaloidal rock ? 

(a) A rock made of lava

(b) A basalt rock with cavities

(c) A rock formed by cooling of the lava in cracks

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Observe the following statements : 

(a) The rainfall in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh and snowfall in Himalayas occur in winter due to the effect of Jet stream. 

(b) Tamil Nadu receives rainfall in winter due to North East monsoon winds. 

(c) The hot winds blowing during summer are known as Norwesters in Bengal. 

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Consider the following statements :

(a) During the time of El Nino phenoinenon surface temperature goes up in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

(b) 2013 - 14 was the year of severe drought in India which witnessed strong El Nino. Which of the above statements is/are true ?


Arrange the following rivers of Maharashtra in descending order of the size of their catchment areas : 

(a) Wardha 

(b) Koyna 

(c) Ulhas 

(d) Savitri 

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Match the following: 


It is seen that, in the process of development, the share of agriculture in gross domestic product is decreasing in Indian Economy. Today it is only 14.1 percent. Yet the agriculture is important in the nation's economy because :


Match the groups : 


Which of the following Banks was merged with SBI on August 26, 2010 ?


Government of India has set up various councils and organisations for the promotion of Export. These are :

(a) Export Promotion Council

(b) Agricultural and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority

(c) Commodity Boards 

(d) Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation

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During the second stage of Demographic Transition :


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is the first ever Law Internationally, that Guarantees Wage Employment at an unprecedented scale. Its main achievements are : 

(a) Increasing Employment Opportunities 

(b) Enhancing Wage Earning 

(c) Financial Inclusion 

(d) Help to Women Empowerment

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