राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ GS-4


Savitribai Phule Kanya Kalyan Yojana was revised in 2007. Which of the following was its main objective ?


राजस्थान Which state has started 'Antyodaya Programme in India in 1977-78 ?


Money Multiplier means ___________.


Which of the following fiscal measures will be effective for controlling the inflationary condition ?


Which of the following statements are correct ?

(a) Tax means only for source of income.

(b) Tax is mandatory payment.

Answer options :


The Domestic Capital is inadequate for the economic development of India, the need for foreign capital does not have to achieve any of the following goals :


By which ways agricultural sector provides funds for capital formation ? (a) Agriculture Taxation

(b) Export of Agricultural Products

Answer options :


For revival of agriculture National Commission on Farmers suggested following plans :

(a) Debt waiver for all farmers

(b) Soil health enhancement

(c) Efficient use of water
(d) Credit reforms

Answer options :


Green Revolution is the result of _______.

(a) High Yielding Variety seeds

(b) Indebtness of farmer

(c) Minimum support prices .

(d) Irrigation

Answer options :


What are the changes in the analysis of the theory of population transition in different phases of economic development?


In the year 2013-14 Maharashtra experienced rapid economic development but experienced that agriculture has ________.

(a) Decline in the contribution of agricultural sector

(b) Stagnation of population depending on agriculture

(c) Increase in the contribution of agriculture sector

(d) Increase in population depending on agriculture

Answer options :


Consider the following statements :

(a) India is the second largest fish producer country in the world.

(b) India is contributing 10% of global fish production.

(c) Blue Revolution is an umbrella scheme for growth of fisheries and aqua-culture in the country.

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct ?


Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme is launched for :

(a) Completion of incompleted irrigation schemes

(b) Completion of new schemes in short period

(c) Irrigation for social benefits

(d) Irrigation imbalance reduction

Answer options :


According to Human Development Index Report 2013, match the following pairs :


"International Trade as an Engine of Growth", because ________.

(a) A strategy for sustainable national development

(b) Increasing of trade in developing countries

(c) Increase in the participation of developing countries in Multilateral trade system

Answer options :


Which of the following is not a "Biotic Resource” in India ?


_______ theory demonstrates that countries can gain from trade even if one of them is less productive than another in all goods that it produces.


Which of the following economists propounded "Absolute Cost Advantage Theory" of international trade ?


Which of the following statements is true about High Yielding Variety (HYV) programme of 1966 ?


As per the Agricultural Policy of India, what do you mean by 'issue prices' 

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