राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१७ - मराठी व इंग्रजी


Match the following to fill in the blanks : 


Which word/s is/are similar in meaning to the word printed in capitals in the given sentence ? She was completely FLUMMOXED by the second question. 

(a) Confuse

(b) Bewilder 

(c) Pacify 

Answer Options :


Identify the sentence (s) in imperative mood :

(a) God bless you. 

(b) Long live the king.

(c) Hurry up!

Answer options :


Identify the correct sentence/s: 

(a) The ship was wrecked and every man, woman and child was drowned. 

(b) The ship was wrecked and every man, woman and child were drowned. 

(c) The ship was wrecked and every man, woman and child had drowned. 

Answer options :


She _____________ understand today's lecture. Which of the following modals fills correctly the blank in the sentence above ? 

(a) cannot 

(b) may not 

(c) could not 

(d) should not 

Answer options :

Read the following passage carefully and answer question numbers 96 to 100 based on it.
              There are two considerations which deserve at least a word in any discussion of the future of the Indian theatre. The first is the rapid development of the cinema as a competition for popular favour. At first in the early flush of cinematic triumph, people- some of whom might have been expected to know better - prophesied the extinction of the theatre. It is now clear that though here and there, temporarily, the theatre may be affected, the cinema can never hope to replace the stage and elbow it out of existence. Experience in the West has shown that the stage will always be required as a feeder to the studio. For the technique is different and great stage actors have always to their disgust discovered that film-acting is at least only a second best to them; it cannot mean to them what the stage means. Something is lacking, the human touch. In the theatre heart responds to heart, and mind acts on mind in a way unknown to the cinema.
            Thus the theatre is in no danger of extinction. On the other hand, the rivalry of the screen ought to and will put the theatre to a new test and give it a new stimulus that may well lead to still higher planes of artistic achievements.
           Finally, a word about what a national language, spoken, written and thought might do for the theatre in India. With new awakening in social life the need for a common tongue is being increasingly felt. Much work is being done to hammer out a common linguistic medium. The day when it is accepted will be a great day for the Indian theatre, as it will be for all art in the country. But the theatre, because its life-blood is the spoken word, will gain most. With a common tongue, with a live national consciousness, the theatre will come into its own as a definite instrument of national unity, reflecting the national mind, interpreting the national heart and dreaming national dreams for the future.

सविस्तर वाचा...


What will be the effect of evolution of a common national language on theatre ?

(a) The theatre will become an instrument of national unity 

(b) The theatre will be most benefited by common language. 

(c) The theatre will be able to dream national dreams. 

Answer options :


Choose the statements which are true in the context of the passage : 

(a) Cinema initially posed competition for theatre. 

(b) Cinema will replace theatre one day. 

(c) Theatre is a feeder to cinema. 

Answer options :


What is the difference between cinema and theatre according to the passage ? 

(a) Film-acting is not the same as stage acting. 

(b) Film acting lacks human touch. 

(c) In cinema, heart responds to heart. 

Answer options :


Why is the need for common national language felt ?


Which statement/s is/are true about the rivalry between cinema and theatre ? 

(a) It will give theatre a new stimulus. 

(b) It will lead to extinction of theatre. 

(c) It will encourage higher artistic achievements of theatre. 

Answer options : 

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