राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१७ - मराठी व इंग्रजी


I hope to be ___________ doctor. 

Which of the following articles fills correctly the blank in the sentence above ?


Fill in the blanks from the alternatives given below : 

(a) Barley, wheat and rice _________ cereals. 

(b) Twenty miles _________ not a great distance in these days of rapid travel.

Answer options :


Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks :

(a) _________ you can cook some good dishes. 

(b) _________ you could have cooked some good dishes. 

Answer options :


If he works satisfactorily, he will be promoted.  

The condition expressed in the sentence above is _____________ .


Identify the noun clause/s in the following sentences :     

(a) only( a) We decided that we would buy the house.  

 (b) My theory is that he forged the will. 

(c) We cannot provide seats for all who may come.

Answer options : 


Choose the correct substitute for the words printed in capitals : 

She recalled with a wistful smile the HALCYON DAYS of her youth.


Match the following: 


She was tired.

She still went on working. 

Which of the following sentence/s change/s the above sentences correctly into a complex sentence ? 

(a) Although she was tired she still went on working. 

(b) She was tired but she still went on working.

(c) She still went on working despite she was tired. 

(d) She still went on working in spite she was tired. Answer options :


Identify the sentences having abstract nour/s in them.

(a) He had no friends or relations and lived in solitude. 

(b) We were rivals, but I felt no enmity for her. 

(c) Their navy consists of over sixty ships. 

Answer options :


Choose the wrongly spelt words:




Answer Options :


Which of the word/s is/are opposite in meaning to the word printed in capitals in the
given sentence ?

He is an ASTUTE businessman. 

(a) Simpleton

(b) Shrewd 

(c) Foolish

Answer Options : 


The small child was crying for __________ mother .

Fill in the blank with correct pronoun.


What he said is true 

The underlined clause in the sentence above is a/an __________ .


(i) I wish my brother were here.
(ii) I wished my brother had been here. 

The above pair of sentences expresses __________ .

(a) past situation

(b) real situation 

(c) possible situation

(d) hypothetical situation 

Answer options 


Choose the best among the options to fill in the blank: 

She __________ better improve her manners.


Choose the correct sentence/s : 

(a) When you are leaving ? 

(b) Where are you going ? 

(c) What I can do for you? 

Answer options :


Among the given options, identify the correctly spelt word:


We are going to discuss all the issues in detail. 

The underlined expression in the sentence above reveals __________ .


Identify the correct sentence :


The tiger set on the deer and tore it into pieces. 

The underlined phrase in the sentence above means ____________ .

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