राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१७ - मराठी व इंग्रजी


"The sun rises in the east," he said. 

Which of the following sentence/s is/are correct indirect narration of the above sentence :


Fill in the blank with the correct alternative : 

His enthusiasm is starting to ___________ the rest of us.


Identify the correct sentence/s:   

(a) He is desirous for going abroad. 

(b) He is desirous to go abroad. 

(c) He is desirous of going abroad.

Answer options :


Identify the sentences containing adjective clauses : 

(a) She is an author you will not have read. 

(b) I must post the letter, I have just written.

(c) They received information that their car had been stolen.

Answer options :


Which of the sentences is/are correct?

(a) our water meter is one metre. 

(b) our water metre is one meter. 

(c) our water meter is one meter.

Answer options :


Which one of the following phrases means 'Regicide'? 

(a) Murder of mother

(b) Murder of father 

(c) Murder of a king

(d) Murder of brother 

Answer options :


Choose the most appropriate phrase for the underlined words :

She read the document quickly while having tea.


Cover your head properly lest you ___ catch cold.   

Which of the following modals fills correctly the blank in the sentence above ?


Choose the correct expression to fill in the blank:

He said it with his ___________ .


Identify the correct sentence is : 

(a) If I had time, I should have visited the exhibition,

(b) If there was a rush of orders, we had to work overtime.

(c) If I were a millionaire I would give generously to good causes.

Answer options :


Choose the correct pair of words to fill in the blanks : b

(a) It was a _________ choice. 

(b) The __________ proceedings are over. 

Answer Options :


Choose the correct expression to fill in the blank:

The work is, to all __________ finished.


Identify the correct meaning of the underlined word:   

He has lost none of his political touch.


He proved his __________ by facing the situation with supreme tact and confidence. Which one of the following words fills correctly the blank in the sentence above ? 

(a) Metal 

(b) Mettle 

(c) Mettel 

(d) Meatal 

Answer options :


Choose the most appropriate option for the underlined phrase : 

Please keep this information under your hat.


Which of the given options comes nearest in meaning to the underlined word?

The suffrage was clearly for change.


Identify the parts of speech of the underlined word:

He is a fast talker.

I was observing a fast

Muslims fast during the Ramadhan.

She drove fast

Answer options : Respectively :


Choose the correct sentence/s : 

(a) I entered the third class compartment. 

(b) At the same time the train was come to a stop. 

(c) I looked out of the window and everyone were asking who had pulled the chain.

Answer options :


Choose the correct sentence/s :

(a) We too have been wanting to see you.

(b) We too have wanting to see you.

(c) I haven't been seeing such a lovely place. 

nswer options :


Which one of the following words spells correctly?

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