PSI Main 2017 - Paper 2


Which one of the following statements regarding New Development Bank of BRICS is true ?


Which one of the following statements about Justice P.N. Bhagawati, who passed away rsernitly, is incorrect ?


For strategic co-operation, in which between two countries 'LEMOA' pact took place? 


Which one of the following statements is incorrect?


The 2017 'Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana' is being implemented through which insurance Company ? 


Match the pairs - (Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam) :



Who win the gold medal in spear throw in Paralympic, 2016 ?


Which destroyership was comunissioned into Indian Navy at Mumbai by Defence Minister on November 21, 2016 ?


Which national leprosy awareness campaign has been organised by the Union Government on 2017 Anti Leprosy Day ? 


Which one of the following statements about 'Cyber Security Index - 2017" is incorrect ?


There are three clubs in the school, one of bird watchers, another of stamp collectors and one of book readers, They are having 47, 53 and 65 members respectively. While 13 students are members of all three clubs and 77 are members of only one club. Select the number of students who are members of exactly only two clubs.


Find the remainder when 2256 is divided by 17.


If a this less than a+b, and d+e is less than a + b, then select the option that is true with respect to e.


In a certain code language if WELL= 26 and RIVEIR = 36, thief OCEAN=?


What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand of clock at 2.25 pm ? 


A piece of paper X is folded along to get equilateral triangle as shown by arrows and then folded along dotted line to get right angled triangle. This triangle is punched as shown by different shapes. Select the image that looks like unfolded paper.


Six family members P, Q, R, S, T, and U have gathered for enjoying vacation. U is sister of T who has a brother P. R is the one and only son of P's uncle, who's only sister is U's mother. R's father has a brother who has daughters Q and S. Select the true statement/s with respect to this information.

Stalements :

(a) S is Cousin sister of P.

(b) Parents of all members are siblings.

(c) It is definite that T is a male member of the family.

(d) Q and U are cousin sisters.


Which number will replace the question mark in the following series?

2, 30, 6, 20, 12, 12 ?


Select correct conclusions on the basis of given statements.

(a) Some chairs are benches

(b) No bench is a table

Conclusions :

(i) Some chairs are tables.

(ii) Some benches are chairs.

(iii) All benches are chairs.

(iv) Some tables are chairs.


A state transport bus leaves for Pune every thirty minutes from the bus stop. By searching on net Nitu found that the bus had left already twelve minutes ago and the next bus will leave at 7.35 am. Select the time in the morning at which Nitu got this information from the net.

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