PSI Main 2016 - Paper 2


Which among the following states has launched the e-prison project?


Match the pairs :  


Select the incorrect statement


Which State has been ranked first in leaving ILPG subsicly ? (Up to January 2017)


Which of the following three women became 


Select the correct statements : 

(a) The Ani Terrorist Squad was stablished in 2004 irt Maharashtra.

(b) Gila Chavan became a first woman officer of ATS, Maharashtra. 

(c) Mira Borwankar became a first woman, who worked as Police Commissioner of ATS.

Answer Options :


Which one of the following statements about 'Rio Olympic-2016' is not correct?


Who was the main scientist to invent the 3D technology to get more information about Cancer cells ?

(a) Jayant Khandare

(b) Purnima Rao 

(c) Shaswat Banerjee 

(d) R. Krishnakumar 

Choose the correct option of the above :


United Nations Organisation declares 2017 as the International year of ___________ .


Whose record has been broken by Ravichandran Ashwin by taking 250 wickets in least Test Matchis?



In a group of 65 students 27 opted to learn Marathi and French. All who opted to study Sanskrit also opted to study Marathi. No one did opt to study Sanskrit and French together. It is mandatory that every learner should learn at least one language and the number of leamers who do exactly one of the three languages is more than the number who do more than one of the three. Select the pair of numbers that indicate maximum and minimum number of learners who could have chosen to learn French respectively among these learners.


In an annual examination, Manasi ranks 11th in those who passed the examination. She secures 31st rank from the bottom. If the number of students failed the examination is 8. What is the number of students appeared for examination ?


Following hexagonal paper is foided as shown in the accompanying image. It is then punched in different places with different shapes as shown in X, select the image which looks like by unfolding it. 


A clock shows 8 O clock in the morning. Through how many degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2 pm?


In à tug of war, four Tokas can pull as hard as five Mokas. But two Mlokas and a Toka can pull as hard as one Joka. If the Joka and two Mokas tugged against the four Tokas and if all selected persons in any particular groups are equally strong and skillful, then select the most appropriate result of tug.


Select the pair of elements for replacing question marks. 


Study information given and select statement which is not correct with respect to it. Paintings A, B, C, D, E, F, G and Hare displayed at equal distance on the wall of a circular hall. B is between G and D. H is third to the left of B and second to the right of A. C is displayed between A and G, B and E are not diametrically opposite to each other.


Find out the correct conclusion/s with the help of given statements.

Some tigers are lions

Some lions are cows

Some rabbits are horses Conclusions :

(a) Some tigers are horses

(b) Some cows are tigers

(c) Some horses are lions

(d) All horses are cows 

Answer Options :


The head of the project "Enjoy summer learning" wants to select a team of four students from among eight volunteers A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. She decides to select these four so that each selected person shares a liking with at least one of the other selected person. Since she wanted students to learn to cooperate with the persuS even if they hate likings of other persons, she decided to choose person who dislikes at leasi one of the likings of any of the other three persons selected. Study following dala aboul each person's likes and dislikes and sclect the team that satisfies given conditions.


A likes painting reading and hates tracking. Blike's rading and movie watching but hates tracking, C enjoys tracking but dislikes reading, D likes bird watching but hates movie watching E enjoys movie watching but hates reading and bird watching. F likes
tes reading and bird watching. G like Tracking and biri walching but does not enjoy painting Henjoys reacting and trackiny, but dislikes bird watching

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