PSI Main 2011 - Paper 2


A player is ranked 18th from bottom and 27th from the top. How many players are there in the game?


Insert the missing number at the question mark. 


The sum of ages of four sisters 5 years back was 80 years. What will be the sum of their ages after 15 years?


Which one of the following Venn diagrams correctly illustrates the relationship among the classes:

Tea, Coffee, Beveragea


Find the oddman out of the following:  

66, 77, 94, 49


If 1st October is a Sunday, then 1st November will be ___________ .


Ashish is heavier than Govind. Mohit is lighter than Jack. Pawan is heavier than Jack but lighter than Govind. Who among them is the heaviest ?


What is the 5th number in the series ? 

3, 6, 18, 72, (.....)


If the numbers divisible by three are arranged in ascending order then what number will be at the gth place from the number having least value?


Which number will come in the place of question mark? 

31, 37, ?, 43, 47


Find the value of x in the following pattern 


If 3:39 AB 113 AB, then 345 xy + ?


There is some relationship between first and second number. There is also the same relationship between third and the fourth number. Then what will be the fourth number? 

27 : 38 : : 51 : ?


Which word should come at the question mark? 

student : school : : ? : play ground


Fill in the gap with the correct alternative

A10 : Z35 : : K20 : ? 


If PAPER = 56, PENCIL = 59, then WRITE =?


In an examination, a student scores 4 marks for every correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If he attempts all 75 questions and secures 125 marks, the number of questions he attempts correctly is 


In a row Sandip is at the 25th place from the left and so also from the right. How many children are there in the row ?


Find a pair of statements that will always be false

(a) All animals are carnivorous

(b) Some animals are not carnivorous

(c) Animals are not carnivorous

(d) Some animals are carnivorous



If 'abdec' are written like' W X 'then how will decab' be written ? 

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