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Amravati, the capital of Andra Pradesh after bifurcation, is to be modelled on the lines of ___________ .


Read the following statements and state which organization is described there by :

(a) From 1875, every Sunday the association used to have its prayer meetings.

(b) It established 'Sushikshangriha' in Pune.

(c) Arranged essay competitions, elocution competitions for the students.

(d) It had started functioning from 1873.

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What was added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution laier ? 

(a) Unity of the Nation 

(b) Integrity of the Nation 

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Consider the following statement : 

(a) Mahaiashtia is the first state in the country in which all the police stations are connected online.

(b) Pune is the first CCTV surveillance city in the country.

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Which one of the following statements is true ?


Which of the following trees are found in the tropical dry deciduous forests ? 

(a) Teak 

(b) Sisam

(c) Anjan

(d) Tivar

(e) Hirda


The main drawback of the ___________ was that it was not able to garner the support of Muslims and especially of the Muslim peasantry.


Why did the British apply Rayatwari system in Maharashtra ?

(a) To control Landlordism (b) To remove the drawbacks of the permanent settlement system

(c) To measure Land

(d) For the benefit of the fariners 

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What is the case in which, Shripad Amrut Dange, Shaukat Usmani, Muzaffar Ahmed and Nalini Gupta were sentenced to four years imprisonment, known as ?


The President of the first meeting of the All India Women's Conference was ___________ .


According to 1892 Factory Act :

(a) Female workers were allowed to work for eleven hours.
(b) Female workers were allowed to have rest for half an hour in the afternoon.

(c) The weekly working hours of male and female workers were determined to be 60 hours.

(d) One holiday in a week was granted to the workers.

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Match the following :  


Who from amongst the following poets wrote the poem 'Bheten Nau Mahinyani' (See you in nine months) to commemorate the bravery of a prisoner who was to be hanged for participating in Chauri - Chaura incident ? 


Match the following: 


Match the following members of the War Council with the Places they came from : 


She was the First Hindu widow in Madras to study B.A. She was threatened with excommunication. She was harassed in the streets. She completed her B.A. in 1911, Though she did not become a Christian, she was affectionately known as a 'Sister', who is she ?


Who took the initiative to establish 'Deccan Rayat Samaj' ? 

(a) Annasaheb Latthe

(b) Walchand Kothari

(c) Mukundrao Patil   

(d) Dinkar rao Javalkar

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In 1855, the Bonibay government raised a loan of 2 crore rupees for the Construction of  roads, canals etc. but the money was used in ___________


A beginning of communalism is said to have been made by.
tja' . . । । historian who described the ancient period of Indian history as the Hindu period whis Medieval period as the uslim periut.


Which of the following states of India is a leading producer o Sea Fish ?

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