STI Pre - 2013


Which of the following ranks astronomical objects in ascending order of their size correctly?


Housing wiring is made with all points in parallel connection 


Which ore contains Copper and Iron ?


The bending of a beam of light when it passes obliquely from one medium to another is known as


The main symptom of Gambian fever is


Select appropriate number from the given alternatives to substitute variable M in the following set of equations : 


In a certain code language, the word KOLHAPUR is written as PLOSZKFI. Then how will the word TASGAON be written in the same code language ?


The heights of 4 students are W, X, Y, Z and 2X = W + Z, 2W = X + Y, 2Y = W. Then what will be the sequence of their heights ?


Various terms of a letter series are given, with one term missing, shown by (?). Find out the missing term out of the given alternatives. 


Mr. Garg is in-charge of the sitting arrangement of the speakers of four political parties, A, B, C and D, on the dais. In addition to these speakers, there is a coordinator. The speakers' names including the coordinator are, Jere, Hamid, Khemu, Thapa and Patel.
The coordinator must sit in the middle that is on the third seat.

The speaker of party C does not want to sit next to the speaker of party D.

Patel represents party A.

The speakers of party B and C, will sit on either side of the coordinator.

Hamid is not the coordinator and will sit between Khemu and Thapa.

The coordinator will not sit next to Khemu or Patel.

Jere is the speaker of party C and will sit on seat number four.
Who is the coordinator ?


Melvin decoded some words from the coded message, sent by his friend, as follows:

How will he code the word 'sometime', if following choices are available to him ?


Which will be the number in place of the question mark ? 

5, 25, 61, 113, ?


Which will be the number in place of question mark? 


There is some relationship between the terms to the left of  and the same relationship exists between the terms to its right. One term to the left of  is missing. Find it out from the given alternatives. 

APOC : ? : : ITSK : MVUN


There are three circles with four figures outside them. In the first two circles, figures are mentioned according to a rule. In the third circle a question mark (?) is given. Out of the given alternatives, which one fits in place of the question mark accurately? 


Which of the following two mathematical signs need to be interchanged to make the given equation correct?  


Find the value of 


If 1.5 m = 0.04 n, then the value of is


How many three-digit numbers are divisible by 4 ?


Which is the largest among the following numbers ? 

13/21, 11/17, 9/13, 7/11

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