STI Main 2015- Paper 2


Which of the following is provided as the annual level support in monetary terms extended to agriculture sector by the member countries as per the provision of WTO?


Consider the following statements : 

(a) NITI Ayog has replaced the Planning Commission from 2nd October, 2014

(b) Mr. Arvind Panagariya is its Vice - Chairman.

(c) It has adopted bottom-up approach in development process.

Which stateinent is correct ? 


The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Bill (FRBM) was aimed at :

(a) Eliminating revenue deficit 

(b) Reducing fiscal deficit

(c) Containing growth of public debt 

(d) Reducing defence expenditure 

Answer options :


Which of the following is the features of VAT ?


What is the main role of NITI Ayog which replaces Planning Commission ?


The expenditure of the Government on 'law and order' is classified as


Non - tax revenues come from : 


Indirect taxes have ____effect on the society.


Who has been given the mandate to negotiate multilateral rules in services ?


The function of finance commission is for make recommendations to the President in respect of : 

(a) The distribution of net proceeds of taxes to be shared between the union and the state.

(b) The principles which should govern the payment by the union grant-in-aid to the revenue of the state. 

(c) Any other matter concerning financial relations between the union and the state. 

(d) All of above Answer options :


Important sources of state government revenue are : 

(a) State's own taxes

(b) State's share in the tax proceeds of the central government

(c) Grants-in-aid and other contribution from the centre 

(d) State's Own non - tax revenue

Answer options :


Following are the councils working under General Council of WTO : 

(a) Council for Trade and Development 

(b) Council for Trade in Goods 

(c) Council for Trade in Services 

Which of the above council are actually working under the General Council ?


WTO replaced GATT and came in existence on __________ .


Structural changes in India's imports since 1951 shows : 

(a) Rapid growth of industrialisation which needs necessary imports of capital goods and raw materials.
(b) Growing imports of raw material on the basis of liberalisation of imports and exports.

(c) Declining imports of food grains and other consumer goods. 

(d) Sharp rise in international prices of oil. 

Answer options :


The new Direct Tax Code (DTC) removed most of the categories of exempted income like : 

(a) ULIPS - United Linked Insurance Plan

(b) Equity Linked Mutual Funds 

(c) Term Deposits   

(d) National Saving Certificates 

Answer options : 

(a) and (b) only


Which of the following has introduced Multidimension Poverty Index'?


Civil aviation in India suffers from the following weakness : 

(a) High cost of operation

(b) High dependence on foreign suppliers 

(c) Inadequate trained manpower.

Which of the statements given above is correct?


Which are the reasons for the increase in expenditure of the state ?

(a) Expansion in civil administration 

(b) Higher salaries and wages due to rise in prices and cost of living
(c) Increase in the provision of government services in the form of education and public

(d) Increased development expenditure Answer options :


Which of the following constitute long-term objective of economic planning in India ? 


Which of the following is not the important cause of unemployment in India ?

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