STI Main 2014- Paper 2


What percentage of area is covered by east flowing rivers in Maharashtra ?


Which of the following rivers originating fromı Brahmagiri mountain flows 1450 km towards east and joins the Bay of Bengal ?


Match the following :


In the following diagram maps of four districts in Maharashtra are  shown.

Which of the following sequences from left to right is correct? 


In which of the following districts of Maharashtra Dolomite is found ?


Which of the following newspapers is not associated with Govind Vitthal Kunte ?


V.R. Shinde decided to work for the upliftment of the untouchables after attending a meeting of the untouchables at _________ in __________ .


"The event of 1857 was not a war of Independence" said ____________ .


__________ University honoured Shahu Maharaj by conferring on him Life Membership and the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws for his work in the field of Agriculture and Education. 


Who from amongst the following did not belong to the underground movement in Maharashtra ? 

a. S.M. Joshi 

b. N.G. Gore

c. Shirubhau Limaye

d. N.M. Lokhande 


The messages of goodwill of which countries were read by Chairman at the Inaugural session of the Constituent Assembly? 

a. United States of America   

b. USSR   

c. Republic of China   

d. Government of Australia


Consider the following statements : 

a. Under the chairmanship of R.S. Sarka:cia, a Commission was appointed by the
central government for center-state relations in 1983. 

b. In 2007 central government appointed a Commission under the chairmanship
of Justice Madan Mohan Panchi to review the center-state relations. 

Which of the statements given above is/are correct? 


Match the pairs (The Directive Principles): 


Select appropriate order : 

a. To protect sovereignty of India 

b. To safeguard public property 

c. To protect natural environment 

d. To respect the constitution 


Match the pairs (Committees of Constituent Assembly and its Chairman): 


The power of issuing writs  for enforcement of the Fundamental Rights is given by the Constitution to the ___________ .


Which of the following was the object of India to accept the federal system?


The Constitution adopts the following means to maintain administrative and legislative unity : 

a. A Single Judiciary

b. Uniformity in fundamental laws, civil and criminal
c. Common all India services


The system of appointing a Governor by the Fresident in India has been adopted from which country ?


Which of the following statements with regard to the parliamentary system in India are correct? 

a. The President is an integral part of the parliament.

b. He appoints the Prime Minister and on his advice the other Ministers. 

c. The Ministers hold office during the pleasure of the President.

d. The Council of Ministers is individually responsible to the President.

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