STI Main 2014 - Paper 1


Arrange the following units into a meaningful sequence :

a. that he should really have foreseen

b. although I had warned him to be careful

c. consequently getting into the difficulties

d. he continued with his profligate ways 


I have come to know of your hole and corner niethod of dealing with people.

Identify the correct meaning of the underlined.


In which part of the sentence below does an error lie? 


Match the following:


I have done this work myself. 

Identify the type of underlined pronoun in the above sentence.


In which of the following sentences is future tense expressed ? 

a. The movie begins in a little while.

b. Would you be kind enough to meet us after the lunch break?

c. He is leaving for the UK this winter.

d. You must take care of your studies


Which of the following sentences are grammatically correct ? 

a. The judge ordered that the accused be sent for a medical examination.

b. Had I your intelligence, I would have gone abroad. c.


d. If he was innocent, he would not have run away.



Identify the grammatically correct sentence/s : 

a. Except for her eyes, none of her features is remarkable.

b. Except for her eyes, none of her features are remarkable. 

c. Except for her eyes, none of her features was remarkable. 

d. Except for her eyes, none of her features were remarkable.


Identify the unit in which there is an error :


Punctuate the following to make a meaningful sentence : 

he told us she insisted where we could find a good hospital


If my friend wants it, I shall give it to him.

Identify the mood of the underlined verb.


Which of the given options carries the meaning of the underlined idiom ?

Watch out, he's been cooking the books.


Which of the given options carries the meaning of the underlined idiom ?

Why are you so down in the mouth today? 


Which of the given options carries the meaning of the underlined idiom ? Things started going pear shaped since he took over as boss. 


Which of the given options carries the meaning of the underlined idiom? 

He cannot hold a candle to his brother.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions (96 - 100) given below it:
             The forces that generate conditions conducive to crime and riots are stronger in Urban communities than in rural areas. Urban living is more anonymous living. It
often releases the individual from community restraints more common in tradition-oriented societies. But more freedom from constraints and controls also
a provides greater freedom to deviate. And living in the more impersonalized, formally controlled urban society means that regulatory orders of conduct are often directed by distant bureaucrats. The police are strangers executing these prescriptions on an anonymous set of subjects. Minor offences in small town or village are often handled without resort to official police action. As disputable as such action may seem to be, it results in fewer recorded violations of the law compared to the big cities. Although perhaps causing some decision-difficulties for the police in small town, formal and objective law enforcement is not always acceptable to villagers.
                 Urban areas with mass population, greater wealth, more commercial establishments and more products of our technology also provide more frequent opportunities for theft. Victims are impersonalized, property is insured, consumer goods in more abundance are vividly displayed and are more portable. The crime rate increases despite formal moral education given in schools.

सविस्तर वाचा...


According to the passage, all of the following contribute to higher crime rates in urban areas except __________ .


The author's view of 'Tradition oriented societies' is best expressed by which of the following ?


Which of the following statements is true in the context of the passage ?


Which of the following statements is not true in the context of the passage ?


According to the passage, the crime in small town _________.

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