STI Main 2014 - Paper 1


Choose the most appropriate synonym for the underlined word : 

These are fictitious reports.


Choose the most appropriate antonym for the underlined word from the options given below : 

He is known for his gregarious nature.


Substitute the underlined term with one of the options given below: 

He led the young actress up the garden path.


“Spinster' is ___________ .   

Complete the sentence.


These apples are __________ . 

Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence.


Fill the blank with the most appropriate of the words given below :

Everybody congratulated him on his ________ achievement.


Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
Should the state __________ news before it goes to print ?


The wound started bleeding, so he wound a bandage round it.

The underlined words above respectively rhyme with


Identify the meaning of the underlined word : 

We want an equitable distribution of the resources. 


Choose the right option for filling in the blank :

We will not be able to __________ so many people in this place.


Identify the kind of sentence given below :

It's not in my capacity to help him.


Identify the unit in which there is an error : 


Identify the underlined term :

This is the reason why I don't like him.


Choose the best active voice structure for the following sentence : 

The children were given sweets on the Principal's birthday.


Rewrite the sentence below using the word 'crossing': 

As you cross the bridge, you can hear the vibrations.   

a. You can hear the vibrations, in crossing the bridge.

b. While crossing the bridge, you can hear the vibrations.

c. You can hear the vibrations crossing the bridge.

d. During crossing the bridge you can hear the vibrations. 


Change the degree of comparison of the sentence given below :

This proposal is unique.   

a. This is the most unique proposal.

b. This is the uniquest proposal.

c. This proposal is more unique than all others.   

d. This proposal is uniquer than all others.


Use the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets :

Tell him to bring his bicycle inside. If he (leave) it outside, someone (steal) it.


Convert the following into indirect speech.

"Let's go to the cinema," she said. "Yes, let's," I said.


Substitute the underlined term with the most suitable word :

Be that as it may, I have decided to make the trip.


The trade union's seeiningly rightful demand is only a stalking horse to blackmail the management.

Choose the correct meaning of the underlined part.

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