राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१६ - Paper 2


Study the information given and select the appropriate option as an answer to the question 

1.Benin is to the west of Nigeria and to the south of Niger.

2.Ghana is to the west of Benin and to the south of Mali. 3.Cameroon is to the south of Benin and to the east of Mali. 4.Nigeria is to the south of Mali and to the west of Cameroon.
5.Mali is to the west of Cameroon and to the north of Benin

6.Niger is to the south of Mali and to the west of Cameroon

Which of the following nations is located in both north and east of at least one another nation?


X is a joint family of some community. In this community polyandry or polygamy is not allowed. Marrying a sibling or to a direct descendant of self and siblings is forbidden. In this family no person is married more than once and no child is born out of wedlock. Study the relations between different persons and choose the option that indicates person(s) with whom D can marry according to community rules. O is mother of L, who is married to V, is sister of D's mother H. G and E have two children; M who is of the same sex as that of G, and K who is of the same sex as that of E. 0 and O's spouse Y, have two children, 9 and R, who are of the same sex as that to Y. O is the same sex that of D. E is G's spouse. Pis the father of two children, G and D who are of different sexes.


Taps, A, B and C independently fill or empty a tank in 12, 15 and 20 hours respectively. If simultaneously B and C fill and A empties the tank, in how many hours will the tank be completely filled ?


In the following sequence 6 stands for "run”, Cg stands for walk", stands for "sit”, & stands for “stop and f stand for “stand up". If the sequence is continued, which instruction will come in place of the question mark ? 


Paper sheet P is transparent and some elements are drawn on it with opaque colours. It is then folded three times as shown by arrows in a given order, Select the option that it would look like after the final fold. 


A five-member committee is to be formed from the group comprising of 6 men and 5 women. In how many different ways can the committee be formed with 3 men and 2 women? 


Study the operation system that is used for group of letters and select the group of letters to fill in the empty box. Encircled numbers are operators. 


Select the option that gives appropriate pair of mathematical signs that need to be interchanged to make the following numerical expression correct.

4 + 2 - 4 x 9 ÷ 12 =- 22


Below are given two true statements followed by two conclusions based on them. Choose the option that describes the conclusion(s) appropriately. Staterments:

I. All residents of the village, who do not own four wheelers, do not have two wheelers either.

2. Those who do not have two wheelers have only three wheelers

Cortclusiorus :

I. No villager has both, the four wheeler and the three wheeler.

II. Some villagers have only two wheelers. 


Choose the correct option to replace the question mark. 

JEWQR : ? : : ? OYQFR


Using any four digits at a time out of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 only once, how many different numbers can be made ?


Accompanying figure shows area covered by tiles. Area of each white tile is twice the area of a black tile. Then select the option that indicates the ratio of total black area to the area covered by all the white tiles.


Select the option that indicates the number that is odd in the series

    2, 4, 3.5, 6.5, 6.0, 9.0, 6.5, 12.5, 8.0, 14, ...


Select the logically appropriate image for the 5th place for the following series : 


Select the logical set of images for the empty places in the following arrangement

Decision making and problem solving questions (Questions number 76 to 80)

सविस्तर वाचा...


In your area people are not caring for court orders related to noise pollution or air pollution under the pretext of culture and traditions. As a lay person you will


You are working as a teacher and researcher in one institute. You are heading a research project that is funded by a large industrial group on the basis of your proposal. Many junior researchers are working under you for their doctoral degrees in this project. One female researcher asks you to help her get the degree. She threatens to put you behind bars under the pretext of sexual harassment if you don't fulfil her demand. You will


You are a district collector and receive a complaint under the RTE Act from a group of parents who admitted their children to a private school. These parents are from minorities, dalits and poor families. Though the school management admitted these children to their school, other children are bullying them constantly. As a result these young children are not ready to attend the school. You will,


You are visiting a friend who is living in the remote rural place during a five-day vacation. While taking a stroll you came across a residential ashram school managed by the MLA of the area. Your friend is an employee of some other institution headed by the same MLA. School is away from the main road and from the village dwellings. You go to the school premises and find that six children are sitting in the verandah, all other rooms are locked and no one is around. On inquiry you find that they are students of the school and are waiting for their parents to take them home. They are there without food for two days. They are from Korku tribe that is docile by nature, and lacks courage to visit villagers and request for help. Your friend requests you to leave the children to their fate and leave the premises immediately as he is worried about his job. You would


You are appearing for a competitive examination, for admitting students to post-graduate courHOB, The ratio of seats to that of applicants is 1; 256. You have high hopes of getting selected.
Suddenly some students writing the examination in your class started arguing with the supervisor when she spotted them using unfair means. Some other students complained against these students and the head of the center came to investigate the problem. You find it very difficult to concentrate on writing answers. You will

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