राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१६ - Paper 1


Which community group is known as Achua ? 


The creator of the "Common Man" - R.K. Laxman made readers smile every morning.

The “Common Man” he created :


Test matches sometimes tend to be boring and monotonous with one team generally batting for more than a day. However, India was once dismissed twice in a day of a test match in 1952. 

Against whom were we playing?


Identify the river from the following description : 

a. This river originates near Gurla Mandhata Peak south of Mansarovar.

b. It is known as Karnali in Western Nepal.

c. Sarda, Sarju and Rapti are its tributaries.

d. Joins the Ganga near Chapra in Bihar. 


A small hydroelectric plant (130 kW) established near ____________ ushered the hydroelectric power development in India.


Which of the following States of India have more than 90 percent Hindu population ?


Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, is situated between __________ .


Which one of the following cities of Maharashtra is not on any National Highway? 


India shares its land boundaries with __________ countries.


Which one of the following statements is correct?


Arrange the following types of forests in an ascending order of their heights:

a. Tropical rainforests

b. Coniferous forests

c. Deciduous forests


The pH scale, used to measure acidity and alkalinity of water solutions, is based on concentration of hydrogen ions (H+). Which of the following is not acidic ?


As per the World Resources Institute (2011) which of the following countries is the world's highest carbon emitter?


Arrange the following projects in the order in which they were launched :

a. Lion Project 

b. Tiger Project
c. Crocodile Breeding Project 

d. Rhino Conservation Project


Carnivores when compared to Herbivores have 

a. pointed teeth.

b. shorter intestines.

Which of the above two statements is correct ?


Which one of the following statements about the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) is correct ? 

a. Expenses under the programme are shared by the Centre and the States on 80 : 20 basis.

b. It aims at preventing new infections of AIDS.


What is the title of the Brundtland Report published in 1987 ?


Arrange the following development finance institutions according to the order in which they were established : 

a. Industrial Development Bank of India, IDBI 

b. Industrial Investment Bank of India, IIBI 

c. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, ICICI 

d. Industrial Finance Corporation of India, IFCI 


Which of the following activities is not included in cotton textile mills?


Economic crisis of 1991 was characterised by 

a. Reduced foreign exchange reserves 

b. Rolling over of Indian foreign debt by international creditors 

c. Increase in fiscal deficit 

d. Sale of gold from reserves

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