राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१६ - Paper 1


In __________ however, the Iron Age immediately succeeded the Stone Age, and we find no traces of the intermediate Copper Age.


Which newspaper gave an advertisement for the post of editor with the payment of Two dry breads (rotis), a glass of water and ten years imprisonment for each editorial ?


Who compared the relationship between Mumbai and Maharashtra to that of wings to the eagle and claws to the tiger'?


Identify the person from the description given below.

a. Gangadhar Gadgil, the scholar of Economics considered him as The Architect of Modern India'.

b. The economic nationalism of Dadabhai Naoroji and Justice Ranade was based on his thoughts.

c. He had realized the importance of agriculture in Indian life. 


Name the person described in the statements given below.

a. He was totally a pro-Mahavidharbha person.

b. He did not agree with the Dhananjayarao's idea of conferring the status of sub-province to the Mahavidharbha.

c. He always felt that Mahavidharbha should be a separate State.


Within ten days of the __________ festival held at Poona, Mr. Rand, the Collector of Poona and another officer were shot dead while returning from the Government House.


The young Bengalis were familiar with Young Italy'. They came to know about 'Young Italy' through the speeches of _________ .


Which Commission has stated that the University degree need not be essential for the administrative services?


Read the following statements and choose the correct answer option, In ancient times Indians had imitated the Greek coins, because 

a. The weight and size of Indian coins was uncertain. 

b. Greek coins were attractive.

c. The weight of Greek coins was certain.

d. Indian coins were punch marked.


Who used the word 'Pakistan for the first time ?


As the news of Alexander's death at Babylon, in 323 BC came, _________ and __________ roused the people against the foreign invader.


Who is described in the following statement ? 

He was originally a slave of Turkestan. In his childhood he was brought by a merchant to Nishapur, where Qazi Fakhruddin Abdul Aziz Kufi purchased him. The Qazi's son sold him to a merchant who in turn sold him to Muhammad of Ghur. 


The watchword of the first generation of English educated Bengalis was __________ .


Match the following: 


Pick out the odd persons from the following.

a. Chanakya 

b. Vishnugupta 

c. Ramgupta 

d. Kautilya 

e. Vishnu Sharma 

f. Pakshin Swami 


Which of the following statements are true? 

a. Recent studies have shown that convergence of the Indian plate and Asian plate has caused a crustal shortening of about 500 km in the Himalayan region.

b. There has also been seafloor spreading along the oceanic ridge in the Indian Ocean. 


Which of the following statements is/are true regarding irrigation in India ? 

a. Firoz Shah Tughlaq constructed Sudarshan Lake. 

b. Punnya Gupta constructed Western Yamuna Canal.


Which of the following two statements is/are correct? 

a. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) generates thin section images of any part of the human body. 

b. CT Scan is superior to X-rays and MRI.


Read the following statements and choose the correct option given below: 

a. El-Nino is merely an extension of the warm equatorial current. 

b. EI-Nino means “Child Christ". 

c. El-Nino is a current that appears around Christmas in December
d. El-Nino is used in India for forecasting long range monsoon rainfall.


Arrange the following peaks in the descending order of their heights: 

a. Nanda Devi 

b. Kanchenjunga

c. Gangotri 

d. Badrinath 

e. Nanga Parbat 

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