राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ - GS-3


Education Commission (1964-66) was entitled as ____________ .


The Magna Carta of English Education in India is ____________ .


TVET system in India works for ____________ .

(a) Sustainable development

(b) Knowledge and skill development 

(c) Maintain quality of technical education

Answer options :


Human Development Index is prepared by the following three index ___________ .


There is no difference between intellectual or psychological capabilities in boys and girls, physiological difference is not important among them, is stated by __________ .


The National Policy on Skill Development has been formulated by __________ Central Ministry.


National Literacy Mission imparts functional literacy to non-literates for the age group _________ .


Investment in human resource means _________ .


SWAYAM is _________.   

(a) E-learning Platform 

(b) Satellite

(c) Space Laboratory 

(d) RTE Portal 

Answer options : 


For proper choice of career and courses __________ tests are preferably used.


Education Guarantee card is given to __________  children.


From the following which programme is related with the qualitative development of education ?

(a) Implementation of language policies. 

(b) Making changes in curriculum of all levels of education. 

(c) Use of modern techniques in teaching and improvement in evaluation method. 

(d) To uplift economical status of student. 

Answer options :


As per the Kothari Commission Report Guidance Programme should be __________ .


On the recommendation of Abbot-Wood Report, 1936-37___ type of technical institutions came into existence.


Which of the following tendancy in education is known as Globalization ?

(a) Bringing Administrative Change. 

(b) The International Co-operation

(c) Understanding Universal Brotherhood 

(d) Cosmopolitan Citizenship. 

Answer options : 


Following are the schemes of Government of India for empowerment of minority communities in India. Find out the correctly matched pair/s from the below : 


Which of the following are the impact of globalisation on different sections of Indian Society ? 

(a) Growth of cities

(b) Growth of child labour 

(c) Shrinking of agricultural sector

(d) Increasing health care costs

(e) Rising divorce rate day by day (1) Limitation on choice of customers 

Answer options :


Select the correct statements : 

(a) The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is established in 1960.

(b) Iran and Iraq are founder members of OPEC.

(c) To maintain or stable the rates of petroleum is objectives of OPEC. 

(d) Nigeria and Libia are also founder members of OPEC.

Answer options :


Which one of the following statement is incorrect ? 


Find the incorrect statement/s about the UNO's Economic and Social Council :

(a) It consists of 54 members.

(b) General assembly elects 18 members each year for three year term. 

(c) Its major session is held in April. 

(d) The President of it is elected for one year and cannot be re-elected immediately. 

(e) Decisions of the council are made by 2/3 majority every time. 

Answer options :

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