राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ - GS-3

राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ - GS-3 Questions And Answers:

आपल्या मित्रांना पाठवा :

This is not a constituent unit of NCERT :


Main objectives of Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA) scheme is : 

(a) To providing opportunity civic amenities and life sustaining opportunities in Rural Areas.

(b) To bridge the gap between the Urban-rural development and to co-ordinate.

(c) To reduce the percentage of migration from rural to urban areas.

(d) To develop the political leadership. 

Which of the above statement(s) is/are incorrect ?


Land reform measures were initiated in the country is for achieving the twin objectives first is increasing agricultural production and second is _________ .


As per the article 21 (A) of the Indian Constitutions every state has provided the right of free and compulsory education. Which of the following age groups ?


Which of the following factor/ factors state the importance of the human resource planning ? 

(a) Creating highly talented personnel. 

(b) International strategies.

(c) Resistance to change and move. 

Answer options :


Which of the following are the objectives of the Pradhan Mantri Krushi Sinchai Scheme? 

(a) To increase the micro irrigation sector through modern technology,

(b) To increase the water utility efficiency.

(c) To increase the agricultural production.

(d) To develop the micro irrigation method through modern technology to increase the agricultural and horticulture development. 

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are incorrect? 


Indian government has undertaken the work of distance education in order to addressing the problems of formal education. Accordingly which of the following Open University has established in 1985 ?

(a) Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University

(b) Indira Gandhi National Open University 

(c) Lal Bahadur Shastri National Open University 

(d) Central Open University 

Which of the above option(s) is/are correct?


Which of the following criteria was focused on by the National Knowledge Commission under the Presidentship of Sam Pitroda in 2005 ?

(a) To sanction the grant of non-aided institutes.

(b) To develop the science and industrial laboratories. 

(c) To improve in institutional organization with regards to intellectual riches.

(d) To use knowledge for agriculture and industrial development.

(e) To provide maximum benefits to the people by publicity and spread. 

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?


(I) Indian Economy faced challenges due to low growth rate of agriculture in 2017-18 at 2.1%. 

(II) GDP Growth reached to 6.75% in the year 2017-18. 

Which of the above statement/s is/are correct ?


Who said, “Health is a place of complete Physical, Mental and Social well being and not merely the absence of disease of informity" ?


Under the child and adolescent workers (Prevention and Regulation) Improved Regulation 2016 :

(a) All children under the age of 14 years are prohibited to work in any business and processing units. 

(b) It is criminal offence to put juvenile children in the age group of 14 to 18 years in hazardous occupation and procedures. 

(c) For this offence is punishable for 6 months to 2 years imprisonment or fine of ₹ 20 to 50 thousand or both.

(d) Imprisonment for repetition of offence would be at least 1 to 5 years.

Which of the above statement(s) is/are incorrect ?


By which of the name is the scheme that was launched for the farmers of scheduled tribes known as :


Some important issues regarding the concept of displacement : 

(a) Displacement for development means development inspires displacement.

(b) The earlier life of the people gets destroyed due to displacement.

(c) By the government system the people are displaced from their previous place.

(d) Displaced people have to adjust with new social life and environment. 

Which of the above option(s) is/are incorrect ?


What is the long term objective of India's Population Policy 2000 ? 

(a) To develop health and basic structure of it as a remedy for pregnancy prevention. 

(b) To reduce birth rate to '0' level till 2010.

(c) To achieve the objective of stability in population till 2045. 

(d) To fix the marriage age of girls as 21 years.

Answer options :


Which of the following the non-government organization working in the field of Health ? 

(a) Indian Redcross Society 

(b) Hind Kusht: Nivaran Sangh

(c) Bharat Sevak Samaj

(d) Kasturba Memorial Fund

Which of the option(s) given above is/are correct ?


Which of the following institute was established in 1994 for evaluation of higher education ?

(a) All India Council for Technical Education

(b) National Assessment and Accriditation Council

(c) RUSA 

(d) Directorate of Higher Education 

Which of the above option(s) is/are correct?


Which of the following villages in Maharashtra has been honoured as the first smart digital village in India ? 


Which one of the following statement/s is/are not correct?

(a) It is a function of NABARD to raise funds for the development and research in Rural Sector.

(b) NABARD helps the farmers for International trade.

(c) Function of NABARD is to reconstruct the co-operative societies in order to make them more efficient.

Answer options :


How many crore of rupees paid for Mahatma Jotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojna (MJPJAY) as premium subsidy to a private health insurance company from 2012-13 to 2015-16 by Government of Maharashtra ?


Which of the following posts are included in the administrative structure of Aanganwadi Scheme ?   

(a) Aanganwadi worker 

(b) Supervisor

(c) Child development project officer 

(d) Child health officer 

Which of the above option(s) is/are correct ?

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राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ - GS-3 Question And Answers

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