राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१६ GS-1


Match the following: 


Which of the following earthquake wave cannot travel through liquid ? 


Match the following: 


Which of the following year United Nations celebrated the international year of Eco-tourism ?


Rank the cities listed below according to their range of temperature in the month of May in a descending order.

(a), Nagpur

(b) Solapur

(c) Ratnagiri

(d) Mumbai

Answer options :


Which of the below listed reasons for soil erosion are completely human related ? 

(a) General slope of the geographical surface

(b) Nature of the soil

(c) Deforestation

(d) Excessive use of grasslands for grazing

(e) Shifting cultivation

Answer options : 


Which of the following statements are correct?
(a) Fertile alluvial soil is found in Satluj Ganga basin.

(b) On deccan plateau black soil is found in deep, medium and shallow forms. 

(c) In humid climate of western coast laterite soil is found.

(d) On Indian peninsular plateau due to content of Iron, red, brown and yellowish soil is found. 

Answer options :


Match the following :


Match the following: 


Consider the following two statements :

(a) Amongst states, the number of women migrants to Maharashtra, is the highest from Uttar Pradesh. However, this number is less than 50% of the male migrants from Uttar Pradesh.

(b) Female migrants from Karnataka to Maharashtra rank second and it is higher than the male migrants from Karnataka.

Answer options :


Read the following sentences and choose the correct option: 

(a) A period of drought is defined as a year or season in which total rainfall is less than 75 per cent of the normal.

(b) If rainfall deficit is between 26 and 50 per cent, it is called as “Moderate Drought". 

(c) If rainfall deficit is more than 50 per cent, it is called as " Severe Drought". Answer options :


Highest temperature of a day is recorded between ___________, _____________.


The ability of the air to hold water vapour depends entirely on which of the factor ?


In Maharashtra, thunderstorm activity is most pronounced before and during the advance of the south-west Monsoon in __________ .


Match the following : 


Which of the following region do not get the Monsoon type of rainfall ? 


Choose from the following options which is not related to origin of Indian Monsoon.


In Maharashtra, Dust Storms are rare or one-two may occur if at all, during April and May or early June in the interior of the state, particularly in ___________ .


Dotted area in the map of Maharashtra shows which of the following Agro Climatic Region ? 


Consider the following two statements : 

(a) The main aim of Kyoto Conference on Global Warming was to discuss and sign the agreement on minimization of Global Warming.

(b) Trading system to buy and sale Carbon. 

Answer options :

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