राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१६ GS-1


Match the following: 


Name this Social reformer described in the following statements : 

(a) In 1840, he became the first native to be appointed as a teacher in the Elphinstone Institute.

(b) In 1851, he founded the Rahnumai Mazdiani Sabha, a Parsi Social reform association.

(c) He was one of the founders of the Bombay Association.

Answer options :


Out of the total caves at Ellora (Verul) how many caves are dedicated to Hinduism ?


Which of the following literature is not associated with the Prarthana Samaj ?


The Maharashtra state has been divided into 9 agro-climatic zones based on ____________ .


Main objectives of sustainable agriculture are : 

(a) To maintain environmental balance

(b) To achieve social-economic equality

(c) To get economic benefits

Answer options :


Bombay Presidency was divided into four divisions, with a Revenue Commissioner over each division. The four divisions were ____________ .


If average annual rainfall is greater than _________ percentage the year is considered as over rainy year excess rain.


Pick out the odd person from the following: 


Animal and plant life of a particular region considered as a total ecological entity is known as ____________ .


The Anandpur Sahib Resolution which asked for autonomy for the states was passed in 1973 by ___________ .


Where did the 'Akhil Bhartiya Asprushyata Nivaran Parishad'. (All India Conference for eradication of Untouchability) take place in 1920 ?


Who was the president of the meeting of Maharashtra Unification Council, held at Mumbai on 28th July, 1946 ?


On 16th December 1971, at 4.30 pm Pakistan laid its arms, Who from the following were the military officers of India and Pakistan at that time?


Satyashodhak Samaj acquired a unique rural base in Deccan and Vidarbha due to the important role of the Din Mitra newspaper published from ____________ .


Shahu Maharaj established the Satya Shodhak Samaj in Kolhapur on 11th January 1911 under the presidentship of ___________ .


Forest Satyagraha was carried out under the leadership of Mannu Gond and Chaitu Koiku in ___________ .


Match the following newspapers and their editors : 


Which of the following two statements about Gopal Hari Deshmukh is wrong?

(a) He started the newspapers, Induprakash, Lokhitvadi and Dnyanoday

(b) He was of the opinion that Indians must take their political rights from the British. Without political independence there cannot be economic progress of India.

Answer options : 


Which of the following statements is associated with Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil ?

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