राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१६ GS-1


Match the following newspapers and their editors : 


Match the following journals started for female education and the people who started them : 


Which of the following statements about the Depressed Classes Mission are true ? 

(a) It established its centres at Mangalore, Indore and Bhavani. 

(b) It opened vocational training classes in sewing, book-binding and coir-work.

(c) It shifted its centre from Pune to Bombay in 1913.

Answer options :


At first there were many restrictions on their immigration to India. But those were all removed by the Charter Act of 1813. Hence forth they came in large number and became an important feature of the society. Who were those people ?


Ajjan Elija Solomon, a Jewish person, was a member of the Managing Committee of ____________ .


This organization existed in 1848. Dr. Bhau Daji Laad, Vishvanath Mandlik and Govind Madgaonkar worked hard to bring up this organization. Justice Ranade presented research articles in the meetings of this organization. Find out which was this organization ? 


Who was Saint Lubin ? 


Match the following newspapers and their editors :  


Which of the following statements about M.G. Ranade is not true ?


Match the following : 


Who instituted the Paisa Fund Society and registered it on 16th October 1899?


The correspondent of The Times, London, wrote," Never since its discovery has the ____________ played so important and daring a role as it now does in India; without it the Commander in Chief would lose the effect of half his force". What was the correspondent talking about?


The third anniversary of this organization was celebrated on 18th October 1909 at Town Hall in Mumbai. Sayajirao Gaikawad of Baroda, Sir Narayan Chandavarkar and Namdar Gokhale were present for the function. Sayajirao donated two thousand rupees to the organization Which organization was it? 


Match the following : 


He Indianized administration. He ended the Afghan war. He ended Arms Act. Who was he ?


Read the following statements and name the social reformer described in them:

(a) He was the Secretary of Students' Literary and Scientific Society 1872 - 1889.

(b) He was the Independent non-official member of the Hunter Commission.

(c) He was the Counsel for Rakhmabai in her case against her husband Dadaji. Answer options :


How did Deoband movement react at the establishment of the Indian National Congress in 1885 ?


Pick out the odd person from the following: 



Rajaram Mohan Roy, the Social reformer supported the ____________ for education in India.


Which of the following factor influences the production of enzymes useful for photosynthesis, growth and yield.

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