PSI Pre 2016


According to Eichler (1813), division of Bryophyta is divided into


First International Botanical Congress was held at __________


The main ways of controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS are 

a. Screening of donated blood. 

b. Promotion of safe sexual practices and treatment of other sexually transmitted infections.

c.Avoidance of needle sharing. 

d. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission with antivirals.


According to WHO, protein-calorie malnutrition is the most important public health problem in developing countries where the rates of infant mortality are very high. Which of the following is a condition in which the infant is virtually starving due to lack of calories and proteins and there is no edema ?


B.C.G. vaccine is used for protection against ____________ .


Select the alphabet for replacing the question mark. 


Select the option that would look like the left hand transparent paper sheet after folding it as shown by the arrows. 


Given below are sets of statements and conclusions. Select the option that describes the conclusions correctly.

Statements :
All fruits are vegetables.

All vegetables are fruits.

Some melons are fruits. 

Conclusions :

a. All vegetables are Inelons. 

b. All fruits are melons. 

c. All vegetables are fruits.

d. Some rmelons are vegetables.


The words in the first column are listed in the coded forms in the second column but they are not in the same order. What number code is assigned for the letter D? 


Find the correct pair. 


Given below are five alternatives that represent paper cut-outs. Which three of these can be fitted to create equilateral triangular area? 


Select the option appropriate for answering the following question with respect to the given data. Surfaces of the cube are coloured with six different colours. What coloured surface is definitely opposite to the blue coloured surface ? 


What day comes third after the day which comes second after the day which comes immediately after the day which comes second after Monday? 

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


If p > q and r < 0, then which of the following expressions is true ?


If I had one more brother I would have twice as many brothers as sisters. If I had one more sister I would have same number of each. Select the option that indicates number of brothers and sisters that I have respectively.


100 Countries B and C had joined together to defend the attack by country A. Each soldier from B fired eight bullets while each soldier from C fired four bullets. If the total number of bullets fired is less by 100 compared to eight times that of the total number of soldiers of B and C, then how many soldiers from C were there on the front of this joint defence ?


The mean weight of 16 objects was found to be 32. On rechecking, it was found that weights of two objects were noted as 24 and 16 instead of 34 and 26 respectively. Select the correct mean from the given options.


If a car had increased its average speed for a 210 km journey by 5 kmph, the journey would have been completed in one hour less. What was the original speed of the car for the journey ?


Complete the following series :


Group of words and their codes are given as follows:

“facing problem with health” as #blawhipnkywl", "health problem on rise” as gnywlbuebla” and “rise with every challenge” as “rdpnkbuegre". Select the code for “facing challenge every day”.

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