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Match the following: 


Observe the following statements :

a. First Jute Industry in Rishra near Kolkatta started in 1861.

b. Air Transport Industry started in 1940 at Bangalore, then this industry is transferred to Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. company.

c. First modern Iron and Steel Industry in India started at Durgapur in West Bengal.

d. First Fertilizer Industry in India started at Sindri in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand.


Which of the following industries is at Thal-Vaishet ?


Match the following: 


Arrange the following states of India from low to high density of population correctly as per 2011 Census : 

a. Jammu and Kashmir

b. Nagaland 

c. Sikkim

d. Mizoram


Which one of the following rivers originates in the west side of Vindhya Mountains and joins the Gulf of Khambayat in the south?


Which of the following districts had the lowest child sex-ratio in 2011 Census?


Who is popularly known as 'Water man' in India ? 


Match the following: 


Match the following: 


Write the descending order of Maharashtra's Mineral Production according to year 2013-14.


What type of forest is found in Amboli and Igatpuri? 


What is the type of climate in Tapi valley ? 


Rearrange the following dam projects as per their TMC capacity in ascending order :

a. Varma

b. Bhatghar

c. Jayakwadi 

d. Pench Totladoh 

e. Bhandardara 


Identify the River Basin.

a. Has its origin in the Betul District of Madhya Pradesh. 

b. A small water divide separates it from the Purna flowing to its east.

c. Vemala, Niguda, Bor and Nand are some of its distributaries. 

d. It forms the boundary for the Wardha-Amravati and Yeotmal districts.


Five Year planwise study of growth of National Income indicates a progressive trend. Though it witnessed a modest growth rate during the first four plans, a progressive trend appeared at a later stage and the growth rate stood high at 7-5% per annum by the end of which Five Year plan(s)? 

a. Fifth Plan

b. Seventh Plan 

c. Ninth Plan 

d. Tenth Plan


Which leading Indian demographer has very aptly remarked that it is easy to argue in favour of family planning programme but is fraught with all kinds of difficulties? 


The population of India as per the Census 2011 was 


Which of the following schemes, first considered the 'Right to Work', according to the Constitution of India ? 


What was the share of agricultural export in total export of India during 2011 - 12?

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