PSI Main 2017 - Paper 1


Identify the correct sentence.
(a) I give you a prize that you will work again.

(b) I give you a prize that you may work well again.

(c) I give you a prize then you may work well again.

Answer Options :


Identify the sentence/s grammatically correct 

(a) If you try, you could drive a car.

(b) If I were a king. I would help the poor.

(c) If she had worked regularly, she might have achieved her goal. 

Answer Options :


Choose correct option to fill in the blanks. 

(a) I am not feeling _______ today. 

(b) I am feeling ________ today. 

Answer Options :


Identify the grammatically correct sentence/s. 

(a) Silver is a precious metal.

(b) He is studying at an university.

(c) He is going to United States.

(d) He gave me advice.

Answer Options :


Identify the correct sentences.

(a) John, write a thousand lines poem

(b) John write a thousand lines poem. 

(c) John writes a thousand lines poem.

(d) John doesn't write a thousand lines poem

Answer Options :


Choose the correct sentence : 

We did not hardly have time to eat.


Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.
(a) The lecture was _________ boring. 

(b) It is _______ a pity to cut down those trees.


(a) "Go now!" She ordered.

(b) Sunita carried her bag umbrella and coat.

(c) Mr. Patil, the principal, is well organised.

Identify the sentence punctuated correctly.

Answer Options : 


Choose correct options to fill in the blanks.

(a) I want this exercise __________ in ink.

(b) Would you like the window ________?

Answer Options :


Choose the most correct sentence.


Match the following: 


Pick out the error in the sentence. 


Select the sentence with correct word order.


Choose the correct prepositional phrases. 

(a) In compliance with

(b) In lieu from

(c) With a view for 

Answer Options :


Choose the prefixes expressing opposite meaning. 

(a) DIS_

(b) ANTE_

(c) EM_

Answer Options :


Following words are given in a jumbled form. Identify the correct alternative forming a meaningful sentence.  


Choose the correct sentence.


Identify the correct expressions.

(a) By Leaps and Laps 

(b) Odds and Evens 

(c) kith and Keen 

Answer Options :


The rioters fell back when the Police arrived.

Select the correct meaning of the phrase underlined.


Which of the words has the same meaning as CALLOUS ?

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