ASO 2013 - Main Paper 1


The best sources of electricity,________ , include water, wind and solar power.
Pick out the correct alternative to complete the sentence.


My friend decided to ________ in marketing as he wants to be a marketing manager. (Special)
Add the correct suffix to the given word to make the sentence meaningful.


You thought it was still six _________?

Pick out the correct alternative to complete the sentence.


You must take heart and face life boldly.

Pick out the correct meaning of the underlined phrase.


Pick out the correct word to fill in the blank :
I did not know it until you ________


(a) Gavaskar was the star of Indian cricket,

(b) An elephant is a wise animal.

Pick out the correct sentences. 


(a) The tallest of the players was injured.
(b) Ram as well as Shyam was present.

Identify the correct sentences.


Choose the correct alternative :
_________ so many books ? How are you going to read them ?


The causal relation between nutritious diet and good health is well known.
Pick out the correct meaning of the word underlined :


Read the answer options and recognise the type of sentence given :

Let him be taken away.


Choose the correct options for the conversion of the following sentence into complex.
Let me alone, and I shall do the work much better.
(a) If you let me alone, I shall do the work much better.
(b) When I am alone, I shall do the work much better.
(C) If I am alone, I shall do the work much better.
(d) I shall do the work much better ; Let me alone.


Give the meaning of underlined words.
It won't be long before you have the world, literally at your finger tips and the ability to communicate at work or play.


Meena is not highly educated but she has the gift of the gab.Choose the correct meaning of the underlined part.


In the sentence given, state which is the exact meaning of the word 'Race'?
The race of ginseng is difficult to find.


Find out the clause used in the sentence :

An author who was famous during the freedom struggle lived in that cottage which overlooks the lake.

​​​​​​Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
          "People very often complain that poverty is a great evil and that it is not possible to be happy unless one has a lot of money. Actually, this is not necessarily true. Even a poor man, living in a small hut with none of the comforts and luxuries of life, may be quite contented with his lot and achieve a measure of happiness., On the other hand, a very rich man, living in a palace, and enjoying everything that money can buy, may still be miserable, if, for example, he does not enjoy good health, or his only son has taken to evil ways. Apart from this, he may have a lot of business worries which keep him on tenterhooks most of the time. There is a limit to what money can buy and there are many things which are necessary for a man's happiness and which money cannot procure.
            Real happiness is a matter of the right attitude, and the capacity of being contented with whatever you have is the most important ingredient of this attitude".

सविस्तर वाचा...


May still be miserable.

The underlined phrase means.


It is true that _________ 

Complete the sentence choosing the correct alternative.


The most appropriate title to the passage is _________


The phrase "on tenterhooks” means :


Identify the true statement from the following:

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