ASO 2013 - Main Paper 1


Choose the antonym for the word underlined in the sentence given :
Absolute powers cannot be vested in an individual.


Recognize the parts of speech of the underlined words :
Youth is the time when the seeds of character are sown.


Choose a suitable replacement for the underlined phrase.
He found the gold coins as he cleans the floor.


He is sorrowful, but still hopeful.
Identify the type of the sentence.


Make one sentence of the two :
(a) Ann took some photographs
(b) Have you seen them

Answer Options :


It is a very spacious ________ for constructing a nursing home.
Pick out the correct word to complete the sentence. 


Very few things are as useful as wood.
Select the alternative which can be the correct comparative degree of the above sentence.


Change into Indirect Speech :

She said to him, "What is it that makes you so much stronger and braver than any other man ?"


Complete the following sentence :
Sanatorium is ________


Choose the correct meaning of the word underlined.

He is noted for his benevolent nature,


Correct the spelling of underlined word :
No physique can cure

(a) physique

(b) physic
(c) physics


Choose the correct alternative :

I [am to leave, would leave, was to leave, was to have left] on Thursday. But on Thursday I had a terrible cold. So decided to wait till Saturday.


Identify the group of words spelt correctly :


Change into reported speech :
The mother said, “Run away children, do not disturb me”.


If the usage of a suffix makes the word 'teach' into 'teacher', then which will be the correct suffix to use for the word 'betray'?


Which part of speech the word 'above' belongs to in the given sentence ?
The moral law is above the civil.


He deals _______ dry fruits.

Pick out the correct alternative to complete the sentence.


Choose the correct meaning of the idiom underlined in the sentence given :

He got the doors slammed in his face.


I need interpreters in my surgery who ________ speak Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarathi.

Pick out the correct alternative to make the sentence meaningful.


Virdhawal Khade practices in such a way that he will win Gold Medal.
Identify the type of the clause underlined. 

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