STI Pre - 2013


What is true of the report submitted by the Thirteenth Finance Commission on December 30, 2009?

a. The Thirteenth Finance Commission has justified the existing constitutional arrangement of division of taxes between the Centre and the States, many direct taxes being levied and collected by the Centre but the proceeds are shared with the States.

b. Poorer states stand to gain from three major subsidies viz. food, fertilizer and petroleum as they get adequate share therefrom and should therefore be continued as such.


Find out the reasons for structural unemployment in India.

a. Jobless growth

b. Increase in Labour force 

c. Inappropriate Technology

d. Inappropriate Education System 


Arrange the following countries in a descending order according to their share in Indian FDI for 2012 - 13. 

a. Japan

b. Singapore 

c. Netherlands

d. Mauritius


Which of the following concepts are devised and standardised by National Sample Survey Organisation and accepted by Planning Commission for analysing dimensions of unemployment problem ? 

a. Usual status unemployment 

b. Current daily status unemployment

c. Current weekly status unemployment

d. Usual monthly status unemployment


Which among the following committees recommended the reduction in priority sector lending from 40% to 10%?


Arrange the following countries in descending order of their HDI value for 2011.

a. Norway

b. Australia
c. China 

d. India


Consider the following two statements : 

a. India has the largest irrigated area among all the countries in the world.

b. India's irrigation potential increased from 23 million hectares in the pre-plan period (i.e. 1950-51) to 89 million hectares at the end of 1996 - 97. Now state whether :


The share of Agricultural Sector in Total Gross Domestic Product at 1900 - 2000 prices in percentage terms has decreased from 56-5 in 1950 – 51 to 13.6 in 2012 - 2013. Here the term Agriculture includes


The process of industrialization launched as a conscious and deliberate policy under Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956 and vigorously implemented under the Five Year Plan involved heavy investments in building up capacity over a wide spectrum of industries. As a result over the last nearly 50 years 

a. Industrial production went up by about 5 times.

b. India became the fifth most industrial country of the world.

Now state whether :


As per the National Commission on Rural Labour : 

a. The new strategy has favoured big peasants and the small farmers have lagged behind as they do not have the required resource base, the requisite knowledge and risk bearing capacity. 

b. The rural poor should be absorbed in agriculture as owner cultivators. 


For prevention of heart attack, the drug that can be used is


__________ is the cause of bad quality of sound in an auditorium or in public audience.


Depth of the sea is determined by ___________ .


The size of Naphthalene balls decreases after some days because of


The weight of a body is maximum __________ .


Stainless Steel is an alloy of


Main component of 'Dettol is –


__________ is the largest gland in the body which secretes bile juice.


There are about __________ kilometers of blood vessels in the human body.


Scorpions are

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