STI Pre - 2013


Which are the correct statements regarding the nuclear power plant at Tarapur ? 

a. First nuclear power plant in India.

b. It is the largest nuclear power plant in Asia.

c. First nuclear power plant in India based on American design. 

d. Nuclear power plant started with the help of France. 


In which region are the mountain winds known as Chinook winds ? 


Which of the following sentences are true about the Artesian well ?


Match the following: 


__________ % of solar energy does not reach the Earth's surface. 


Arrange the human settlements in the process of urbanization according to their development :   

a. Metropolis

b. City 

c. Town

d. Conurbation


Consider the following picture and state the tribal community of the couple. 


Match the following given latitudes with the length of the days :


Redi port is well-known for _________ export.


Consider the given landforms. 

a. 0asis

b. Hamada

c. Mushroom rocks

d. Yardang 

Which of the given landforms are produced by the erosional work of wind ?


Match the following: 


In which industry is carbon black used as the main raw material ?


Which of the following two tournaments has the Indian rising badminton superstar P.V. Sindhu won in the year 2013? 

a. Macau Open Grand Prix Gold.

b. Malaysian Open 


What are drumlins ?


Through which states of India does the Tropic of Cancer pass ?


Which of the following Five Year Plans was launched with the slogan 'Garibi Hatao' (alleviate poverty)?


In 2011 - 12, along with the Indian rupee, the currencies of which of the following economies were devalued ?


Which of the following Central Public Sector enterprises were given the coveted Maharatna status by the Government of India to expand their operations as global giants? 


Select the correct pair.  


Consider the following statements with reference to the National Manufacturing Policy: 

a. This policy was implemented in 2011. 

b. This policy was implemented to enhance the share of manufacturing in GDP to 60%. 

c.This policy's objective is to create National Investme nt and Manufacturing Zones.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct? 

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