STI Main 2015- Paper 2


Mohan and Shekhar are studying English and Physics, Shekhar and Saleem have opted for Chemistry and English. Zubeda and Mohan are studying Mathematics and Physics. Deepak and Mohan have chosen Chemistry and English.
Which is the least chosen subject?


The symbols have given the meaning as follows: A→B means B is at 

same. P is at a equal distance from T, Q, S and R then select the true alternative. 


Observe the following statements. 

(a) The iron ore mainly is found in Dharwad series and laterite rocks. 

(b) Redi Port is famous for the export of coal.

Answer options :


According to 2001 census, what was the percentage of slumdwellers in Mumbai ?


Consider the following statements :

(a) Among the Western Maharashtra region, the Alibaug region in the Thane forest circle is the only region having forest area of more than 1000 followed by Thane and Dahanu forest regions.

(b) The three forest regions of Buldhana, Pusad and Yeotmal in the Yeotmal forest circle of the Vidarbha region have a forest area of more than 1000 each.

Answer options :


Identify the mountain range from the information given below : 

(a) Water divide for Godavari and Tapi rivers.

(b) This mountain range is discontinuous and has a West-East orientation,

(c) Has gentle slope towards the East and steeper towards the West

(d) The hieght decreases towards the East.

Answer options :


Match the pass and their place and choose correct option.


Arrange the following newspapers chronologically in the order in which they were established. 

(a) Deenbandhu

(b) Durpun

(c) Prabhakar 

(d) Deenmitra 

Answer options :


Which of the following pair is mismatched ?

(a) Yamuna Paryatan - Baba Padmanji 

(b) Dhaddhashastri Paranne - Mukundrao Patil 

(c) Pan Lakshat Kon Gheto ? - H. N. Apte   

(d) Kalyanche Nishwas - Kashibai Kanitkar 

Answer options :


Who founded the 'Independent Labour Party' (1936) ?


What was the period of the Satara Prati Sarkar that functioned under the adership of Krantisinh Nana Patil ?le


Which of the following books was written by Acharya Balshastri Jambhekar in Marathi ?

(a) Etihas

(b) Shunyalabdhi

(c) Vyakaran

(d) Chandshastra

Answer options :


The Indian Constitution is published by __________ of Ministry of Law and Justice.


Consider the following statements :

(a) Sarkaria Commission was set up in 1983.

(b) The Sarkaria Commission repot contains 247 recommendations.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


Which one of the following is not a discretionary power of the Governor ?


Consider the following statements : 

(a) The Right to Education Act was passed by the Indian Parliament in 2009.   

(b) The Right to Education is implemented from 1st April, 2010. 

(c) The Right to Education is not applicable for Jammu and Kashmir state. 

(d) Providing free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years is the main feature of this Act. 

Which of the statements given above are correct? 


The provisions of the constitution relating to the citizenship, elections, provisional parliament were given effect from __________


Consider the following statements :

(a) There shall be not more than five hundred and not less than sixty members in a Legislative Assembly.

(b) The Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra has 279 members.

(c) The Legislative Assembly of Sikkim has 32 members.

Which of the statements given above are correct ?


Consider the following statements : 

(a) Preamble contains the real objective and philosophy of the Constitution makers. 

(b) In the Berubari Union case the Supreme Court held that Preamble shows the general purpose of the Constitution and is thus part of Constitution.

(c) In the Keshavananda Bharati case the Supreme Court reaffirmed the decision taken in Berubari Union Case. 

(d) 42nd Amendment Act 1976, added three words Socialist, Sovereign and Integrity in the preamble.

Which of the above statements is/are correct ?


Article 371(2) of the Indian Constitution is related to which of the following states ?

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