STI Main 2015- Paper 1


Find out the correct idiomatic expression from the given options:

Brandy words with.


Choose the best opposite meaning of PLAUSIBLE.


Which of the following contain correctly placed adjective ?
(a) Apparent heir

(b) Time immemorial

(c) Elect viceroy


Choose the pair of words that would fill in the blanks in the following sentence sequentially. 

(a) A ________ target is easiest to aim at.

(b) I bought some pencils at the ________ .


Choose the correct sentences :

(a) Bread and milk is his only food.

(b) The horse and carriage is at the door.

(c) Every boy and girl was ready. 


Choose the best meaning of the word printed in capitals in the following sentence :
The report OBFUSCATES the principal points.


Choose the alternative that is the correct equivalent to the following sentence :

Lead is the heaviest of all metals.


'It does not matter whether we win or lose ?

Which one of the following sentences changes the sentence above into interrogative ?


Match the homophones - 'Vein', 'Vain' and 'Vane' with their correct meaning :


Identify the sentence containing correctly used article :


Which one of the following correctly explains the word 'homicide'?

(a) the act of killing one's family member
(b) the act of killing oneself

(c) the act of killing a human being

(d) the act of killing one's community


"The regulations apply ________ all office workers.'

Which of the following prepositions fills the blank correctly in the sentence above ?

(a) for

(b) from 

(c) to

(d) on


Identify correct sentences.
(a) This boy is strongest than that.

(b) Which of these two pens is the good ?

(c) The Marathas are stronger than the Madrasis.


Match the following expressions with their meanings :


The word “latent" is synonymous with _________ .

(a) brief
(b) later

(c) loose

(d) hidden


Everything is falling apart.

Select the correct meaning of the underlined. 


The speaker expects :

(a) The students should steal everything from everybody.

(b) The students should develop their personal interest.

(c) The students should keep their houses in a good order.

(d) The students should build such a nation that can give directions to India as well as the world.

Select the correct alternative.


Identify the odd pair/s : 

(a) hope - despair

(b) confusion - chaos

(c) collective - individual

(d) contradiction - confirmation


Nation building requires _________ .

Select the correct alternative to complete the sentence.


According to the passage :
(a) Confusion and contradictions derogate the status of the nation.

(b) Media highlights disintegrating things in society.

(c) Optimistic and hardworking youth is required for nation building.

Select the correct alternative.

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