STI Main 2015- Paper 1


Choose the correct sentence.


Which one of the following lines uses capitalisation correctly?


Which of the alternatives would be equivalent to the following sentence ?
I am as strong as he.


Choose the best meaning of the word in capitals in the following sentence.

They might do the job if you DANGLE a bonus in front of them.


'In addition to useful advice, he gave me financial help.'

Which one of the following sentences converts the simple sentence above into a compound sentence by using cumulative conjunction ?


Choose the correct sentence/s :

(a) Which is your friend?

(b) Which are your books ?

(c) Which will you take ?


Choose the correct expression out of the alternatives :


'Her bank fell down from her purse.'

The underlined word 'bank' in the sentence above means ________ .


Choose clause/s of time from the given sentences.

(a) I will do it when I think fit.

(b) They can stay where they are.

(c) As he came into the room all rose to their feet.


Which of the following sentences uses subjunctive mood to express a purpose ?

(a) Work hard that you may succeed.

(b) Work hard to succeed.

(c) Work hard with a purpose to succeed.

(d) Work hard purposefully to succeed. 


Choose the correct passive form of the following sentence :

He will finish the work in a fortnight.


Which one of the following sentences expresses a planned action in near future ?


(a) He has a white stone in his pocket.
(b) He can turn into a rabbit.

Which one of the following is the correct adjectival clause joining the two sentences above ?


 Match the following:


“None of us knew the way'.
Which one of the following is a correct sentence with tag-question corresponding to the sentence above ?


Out of the four alternatives choose the one that can be substituted for the given words/ sentence as the phrase or group of words.

A person who studies the formation of the earth.


'The ship has its complement of 150 passengers'. 

The underlined word in the sentence above means ________ .

(a) praise
(b) flattery

(c) full amount
(d) supplement


Which one of the following sentences is correct in the use of tense referring to habitual action ?


Choose the correct sentences in terms of use of pronouns.

(a) They themself admitted their guilt.

(b) I will do it ourselves.

(c) The town itselves is not very large.


The accused said, "Sir, I am innocent".

Which one of the following sentences changes the sentence above into indirect speech ? 

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