STI Main 2012- Paper 2


Select correct figure in place of question mark :


After walking 5 km. towards rising direction Radha turns to right. After going straight 4 km. she turns to left. After walking 4km. more she turns her back to the polar star, and stopped after 8 kms. What will be the shortest distance of her current position from the starting point ?


Select proper alternative in place of question mark.


Choose correct alternative in place of question mark.

35, 49, 58, 74, 81, ? . 


Find odd pair of numbers. 


Kalyani is mother in law of Veena who is sister in law of Ashok. Dhiraj is father in law of Sudeep and the only brother of Ashok. How is Kalyani related to Ashok ? 


Two positions of a dice are given :

What is the number opposite to '2' ? 


If Document = 43, Monument = 63, Movement = 55 then Settlement = ?


Find next term in the given number series.

3, 1, 4, 2, 5, 4, 6, ? 


How many triangles are there in the given figure ?


Which of the following statements is right in case of rainfall pattern in Aurangabad division ?


Following are the peaks/hill locations in Sahyadri. Arrange them in the descending order of their heights : 


The climatic conditions here are hot and dry. Akole taluka receives highest rainfall in the district - which is more than 65 cms. This taluka also boasts of a major hill station in the district.

The description above is applicable to :


In Maharashtra which of the following Narrow-guage Railway routes is still working?


Following is the monthly average temperature and rainfall data of a weather station in Maharashtra :

Which of the following stations depicts the above mentioned data ?


Of the following districts, which district does not have thermal power station ?


Read the following statements, (A) and (B) and choose appropriate option.

(A) Although located on the same latitude, places of hilly areas depict low temperatures and hence are suitable for development of the hill station.

(B) Temperature decreases with increasing altitude at the rate of 9.5°C/km.


Read the following statements (A) and (B) and choose appropriate option :

(A) The ratio of net sown area to cultivated area in Maharashtra is very poor. 

(B) Basalt is impermeable rock and provides less ground water potential.


Consider the following statements :

(a) Of the total Maharashtra population, the highest percentage of population is in
Mumbai city district.

(b) Lowest percentage of literacy is in Nagpur division.

(c) Pune is the third largest district in terms of area in Maharashtra.

Which of the above mentioned statements is/are wrong?


Maharashtra Government has started Rajiv Gandhi Jivandayi Arogya Yojana for emergency medical service to the people below poverty line. Which of the following groups of districts will receive the benefits in the initial period ?

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