STI Main 2012- Paper 2


Which is the following organisations received the Nobel Prize for peace three times ? 


What is the name of the new super computer made by ISRO ?


What is the objective of the Prime Minister Gramodaya scherne of the women and child Development Department Government of Maharashtra ?


The Prime Minister employment scheme is being implemented _________in the rural and urban areas. 


By which amendment the 'Bodo' and 'Dogri' languages were included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India ? 


In Maharashtra which District has been the first to receive the Award of "Rastramata Jijau Kuposhan Mukta Gram Abhiyan" ?


When was the first Indian Printing Press Started in Goa ?


In which of the following districts the 'our water project which is characterised by sustainable water supply, watershed area and ground water management etc. is not being implemented ?


In the bye election held in Myanmar in March 2012,_______ challenged the military rule by winning 43 out of 45 seats.


Which of the following is the longest National Highway in India ?


Which is the largest Atomic Energy producing country in the world ?


The sum of the first 35 terms of the series  is :


Product of two numbers is 2160 and their HCF is 12, then their LCM is _______ .


If a*b = a+b+ then what is the value of 8*32 ?


Nine numbers 6, 66, 666, 6666, .................., 666666666 are added together in their total which of the following number will be in the thousandth place ?


A motorist drives first 20 km at 60 k.m./hr. next 20 km at 80 km./hr. and next 20 km. at 100 km/hr. How much time will he take to cover the entire distance of 60 km. ?


The difference between the greatest number and the smallest number made of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 digits using them all but once is :


If 54-[82-(73-(15-*))]=37, then '*' is equal to :



How many four coloured balls are there in a bag, such that all but 12 are blue, all but 21 are black, all but 20 are red and all but 19 are green ?

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