STI Main 2011- Paper 2


In a certain code 'LONDON' is written as 'HPOEPO' then which of the following words is written as 'DVOHSZ' ?


Choose the missing figure in the series. 


Suppose the distance between Mumbai and Nagpur is 750 k.m. At a time both trains start at 9.00 a.m. from the opposite sides one at a speed of 70 km. and the other at 55 k.m. per hour, then at what time will these trains meet each other?


If the product of two figures is 53125 and G.C.D is 25 then which is the smallest figure?


If  then what are the values of m and n?


Which is the smallest fraction in the following sequence ? 


In a family there are four members. The sum of their ages is 122 years. If father and son are older than mother and daughter by 8 years respectively and the age of the son is half that of his father, what is the age of the daughter ?


In the above figure A = the number of persons in service, B= number of persons travelling by bus, C = number of persons travelling by railway. Find the number of serving men that travel.


Complete the series  


Which of the following pairs has figures with the same value ?


In which of the following pairs the difference of the squares of the constituents is 273 while the addition is 39 ? 


If the second day of a leap year was sunday then which will be third letter of the last day of the year?


In a square shaped garden one tree is planted in each corner of square and if on cach side of the square at equal intervals 23 trees are planted, then how many trees are planted around the garden ?


What is the value of the following ? 


With the figures 1, 2, 3, 4 (using 1, 2, 3 or 4 only once in any four digit figure), how many four digit figures can be formed ?


Replace * with the appropriate figure 


Select the correct alternative 60 + 5 x 12 ÷ (180 ÷ 3) =


Price of 'A' is more than price of 'B' by ₹ 400. If price of both 'A' and 'B' together is ₹ 784, find the price of 'B'. 


Solve and write the answer 


Complete the series

____bca___ca___ca ____ ____

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