राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१८  - Paper 1


A steam engine delivers 5.4 x 108 J of work per minute by taking 3.6 x 109 Jof heat from its source. What is the efficiency of the engine ?


In some trees, copper deficiency may cause blisters and deep slits in the bark from which exudes gum. This disease is known as


The maximum yield of ATP from the complete oxidation of sucrose via aerobic respiration is


The binomial system of classification was given by 


According to Sir J.C. Bose, an Indian scientist, ascent of sap takes place due to the __________ of living cells of the innermost cortical layer.


Which of the following theories are related to evolution of life?

a. The theory of natural selection

b. Mutation theory of evolution

c. Theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics

d. Theory of segregation

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Which of the following are hormones of the pituitary gland ?

a. TSH

b. STH

c. HCG

d. ADH

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The skeletal system performs which of the following functions ? 

a. Protection

b. Hematopoiesis

c. Movement facilitation

d. Mineral storage

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Gregor Mendel is often referred to as the Father of Genetics, since he first enunciated the principles of heredity. His experimental material was


The element M in the Dobereiner tried Ca, M and Ba is


wood grain alcohol is nothing but


Water is often treated with chlorine to


Corrosion takes place as a result of 


Natural gas mainly consists of


Fats and oils belong to the naturally occurring group of compounds called


On 26th November, 1949, which of the following provisions of the Constitution of India came into effect? 

a. Citizenship .

b. Elections (Article-324)

c. Provisional Parliament

d. Fundamental Rights

Answer 0ptions:


In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court of India pronounce the verdict that the basic structure of the Constitution cannot be amended by the Parliament?


Which one of the following statements about the Vice-President of India is incorrect ? 

a. The electoral college for election to this office consists of the elected members of both the Houses of Parliament.

b. He can hold the office of the President for a period not exceeding six months in the absence of the President.

c. For election to this office a candidate's nomination paper must be subscribed by at least 20 electors as proposers and 20 electors as seconders.


Consider the following statements : 

a. Zonal Councils are the constitutional bodies.

b. The Prime Minister acts as the Chairman of all Zonal Councils.

c. Each Chief Minister acts as the Vice-Chairman of the Zonal Council by rotation.

d. Joint meetings of two or more Zonal Councils are presided over by the Union Home Minister.


Recommendations of the Sixth Report of Second Administrative Reforms Commission on Local Government are 

a. Set up unified metropolitan transport authority in all cities of one million plus population. 

b. Constitute a local body 0nbudsrnan.

c. Direct election of the Mayors.

d. Set up District Councils and the Collector would work as the Chief Secretary. 

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