राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१८  - Paper 1


Match List I with List II and select the correct answer from the options given :


Examine the following statements and identify the correct statement/s :

Statement 'A': Within 24 hours the Earth rotates in 360° longitudes.

Statement 'B': The Earth requires four minutes to cross the one degree longitude


Which of the following relief features is not an effect of internal forces of the Earth?


Select the proper option from the following figures of 'Relief Features' created by volcanic eruption : 


Find out the correct sequence of planetary winds found from the equator to pole.


Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R). Select your answer from the following options.

Assertion (A): Oceanic salinity is low in the equatorial region.

Reason (R): Equatorial region is characterized by heavy rainfall, cloudiness and humidity.


Which of the following is not a type of chemical weathering?


Identify the correct statement/s from the following:

Statement 'A': The weight of water vapour per unit volume of air in specific temperature is called relative humidity.

Statement 'B': Specific humidity is the ratio of air water vapour content to its water vapour capacity at a given temperature.


Identify the correct statement/s from the following:

Assertion (A): The isotherm lines remain almost parallel to one another and parallel to latitudes on oceanic surfaces.

Reason (R): Temperatures at maritime locations are free from effect of elevation.


Consider the following statements and select the correct option from the following:

a. Most of the fishing grounds occur in areas where the continental shelf is wide.

b. Fishing activity is well developed in warm tropical waters.

c. Mixing of warm and cold currents brings plant nutrients for fish.

d. Inland fisheries are more significant than other types in India.

Answer 0ptions:


In developing countries the population pyramid has a 


Examine the following statements and select the correct option:

Statement 'A': Some land area of India is situated in the northern hemisphere and some in the southern hemisphere.

Statement 'B': The extension of India from north to south is approximately more than 7500 km,


Examine the following statements and select the correct option.

Statement 'A': Himalayan rivers cross many Himalayan ranges and the Shivalik Hills and enter into the plain area.

Statement 'B': Peninsular rivers flow through the rift valleys created by faults.


The rain fed and rain shadow areas are the characteristics of


Which region has the following characteristics ?

a. Useful for water transport

b. Production of coconut is taken up

c. Favourable for fishing

d. Attraction for tourists

Answer Options :


Match the following Pollutants and their Mediums as per the UNEP documents :


Which of the following days is designated as World Ozone Day by the U.N. General Assembly ?


Which of the following greenhouse gases is entirely produced by human activities?


The transitional area between two living organisms is known as 


The impact of humans on global climate has been induced by which of the following?

a. Deforestation since 8000 years

b. Use of fire and overgrazing

c. Wet paddy cultivation since 5000 years d. Industrial revolution Answer Options :

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