राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ - मराठी व इंग्रजी


Fill in the blanks in the responses to the given questions :

(a) You haven't met my brother,have you?
______ I haven't

(b) You can swim well, can't you ?
_______ I can't.

(c) There is nothing more to be done, is there?
_______ there is.

Answer options :


The eldest son worked on the farm, the second son worked in the blacksmith's shop.
________ the youngest son left home to seek his fortune.

Choose the most appropriate alternative to complete the sentence.


I feel guilty today because I've not paid you that cheque.
Identify the underlined clause in the above sentence.


Choose the correct sentences :

(a) Can you tell me why are you late?

(b) Do you think does your name indicate your personality ?

(c) Do you think you can mention social work and oceanography together?

Answer options :


Change the following sentence into indirect speech :

He said, "The horse died in the night". 

Read the passage given below carefully and answer Question numbers 96 to 100 based on it.

        Dilip Chitre (b. 1938) was educated in Baroda and Mumbai. He has been a teacher, painter, film-maker and magazine columnist. A winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award, Chitre has lived and taught in Ethiopia and the USA and was invited to participate in the Iowa University International Writing Programme. He is a bilingual writer and writes mostly in Marathi. His major translations (from Marathi into English) include An Anthology of Marathi Poetry, (19451965) and Says Tuka (1991). Travelling in a Cage (1980) is his first and only book of English poems. Exile, alienation, self-disintegration and death are the major themes in Chitre's poetry. It belongs essentially to the Modernist Movement, as it reflects cosmopolitan culture, an urban sensibility, uses oblique expressions and ironic tones.
        'Father Returning Home', selected from Travelling in a Cage, is a deftly drawn word portrait of a commuter and his dull, drab and exhausting daily routine. Forced to return to stale food and painful isolation at home, the pathetic old man has no choice but to talk to himself. He is delinked from the present, including his family, and can only communicate with the buried past and unborn future dreaming about his ancestors and grandchildren. Characteristically, the poem is totally devoid of sentimentality despite its tender subject. The evocative imagery, subtle irony and the symbolic projection of the commuter as a modern nomad are the major devices which reinforce the theme of man's estrangement from a man-made world.

सविस्तर वाचा...


Match the following:


Dilip Chitre's poetry deals with _______.
(a) isolation

(b) uprooting

(c) death

(d) nature

Answer options :


Dilip Chitre's poetry has following features :

(a) indirect expressions.

(b) expression of experiences of different cultures

(c) man-woman relationship

(d) lack of sensibility

Answer options :


The poem 'Father Returning Home' is a word picture of _________.

(a) city workers drudgery
(b) traveller's dreams

(c) urban man's isolation
(d) . None of the above

Answer options :


Which of the following are not true about Dilip Chitre ?
(a) He was educated at Baroda and Mumbai.

(b) He lived and taught only in Ethiopia.

(c) He is a post modern poet.

(d) His only book of English poems is Travelling in a Cage.

(e) He writes in two languages : English and Hindi.

Answer options :

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